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October 1, 2009

Paul McGinley


Q. What do you take away from last week?
PAUL McGINLEY: In all of the success I've had in previous things I've done. It's amazing how many people have said nice things this week. The coverage must have been incredible. The whole world seems to have been watching it.
It's very humbling, the nice, kind words that people are saying, particularly from the players that I've played with, every one of them, every single player has sent me an unbelievably nice text message. I come away from the week, that's what I come away with more than anything. Yes, the victory was sweet and everything went well, but it's the respect that they gave me, and the kindness they showed.
So, yeah, it was a really good week to be honest. Of course, it was a great week in terms of success, but the thing I take away more than anything is the respect that they showed me, and you know, it's like every team I've played in before; you walk away with a bond.
Every Ryder Cup Team, you have a different bond after the week than do you at the start. There's no question, there's certainly a bonding between that bunch of guys last week. Somebody put it in perspective, we are playing against an unbelievably strong team, we won by a record margin and we played three quarters of the event with only nine men, and winning by a record margin. It was a great performance.
You know, you saw their strength in the singles, how strong they were, so to beat them by five points was pretty special.

Q. Glad to get back to the day job today and the way you've done it?
PAUL McGINLEY: Very much. So I practised every day last week. I was at the course a good probably and a half hours before every team time last week when I could. I practised for an hour, an hour and a half before the first guys came to the range. When the first group came to the range, I then went back and hung around the putting green. I was able to keep on top of it that way and also played in the Pro-Am.

Q. What time were you on the range?
PAUL McGINLEY: It was early. I left the hotel about seven every morning. But Thomas didn't, look at the way he's playing, so maybe I shouldn't have.

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