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September 29, 2009

Cappie Pondexter

Penny Taylor


Mercury – 120
Fever - 116

Q. Cappie, what was the key down the stretch?
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: I think the key was getting defensive stops and rebounding. You could see in the overtime Katie Douglas took the game over and the key was stopping her and getting the rebounds. I think we did a great job, you know, in overtime doing that.

Q. Cappie, what did you do different toward the end there? You looked up and you didn't have any points and all of the sudden you doubled what you did.
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: Sometimes that happens, you got to let the game come to you, the second half I was more aggressive offensively but the first half I felt there wasn't a need to do that. I feel like I can be effective doing other things and I made the extra pass, and I rebounded, so to me it's important, it's about the team right now, regardless.

Q. Penny was this a fun game to play? It was the highest-scoring game in the history of the league.
PENNY TAYLOR: Yeah, it was fun, it wasn't the defensive/offensive game that people were expecting, clearly, but anyone that saw this game tonight, amazing displays of talent and especially down the stretch, Cappie and Diana had some huge plays as did Tamika Catchings and Katie Douglas so it was a real treat for anyone watching the game and proud to be a part of it.

Q. Penny, you obviously helped keep the team in the game in the first half. We saw more from you, can you talk about the first half to set the stage?
PENNY TAYLOR: Yeah, in this role that I have in the moment coming off the bench, keeping the energy that the starters get going for us and making sure there is no drop-off when they take a rest. It was a transition style game in that first half. I found myself open for a few three's when I first came in and penetrating and trying to open up the court in the fast break and being aggressive.
All of our players know the philosophy, know what Corey wants and are very able to get it done.

Q. Cappie, can you believe that Indiana stayed with you? They stayed with you the whole night 116 points.
CAPPIE PONDEXTER: I'm not surprised at all, they wouldn't be here if they weren't able to, Indiana is a great team everybody talks about their defense but they have legitimate scorers who can get it done and I think every game that you see from here on out is going to be just like Game 1 was, incredible.

Q. Penny, what is it about the Finals that makes you play well?
PENNY TAYLOR: I mean, it's just -- getting out there and doing what the team needs at the time. It's a little fun to play in these games for me, the crowd and the energy, especially with such a good group of girls in the style that we play. There is nothing I don't love about it. I'm always ready to get out there and tonight it worked in my favor. Throughout the series it's going to be a different style every game. I think it's going to be hopefully we can keep up the pace and keep up the running game but obviously they're going to want to slow it down and have a more defensive style and we're going to need the whole team to come through like they did tonight and fight every step of the way.

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