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September 27, 2009

Chris Wood


Q. Four and a half points, top points-scorer in this tournament, how does that feel?
CHRIS WOOD: Pretty good. I had a couple of good partners this week. I haven't quite been at my best but I got the results, and that's all that matters in match play. But I've got to give a lot of credit to Wally. He partnered with me the first couple of days and we had some really good wins. Unfortunately he got injured, I think it was in our second day and he has not been able to play since. And then Ross yesterday, played great and it was a great game with Peter today, so brilliant.

Q. 2-down after 12, how did you turn that around?
CHRIS WOOD: I just kept going really. I was playing pretty solid today. That's probably the best I've played today. Just very, very steady. I don't know how I won 16 with a par, but managed to do that, and played 17 really nicely, and it would have been nice to hole the putt on the last but I hit a great shot in. I think it was a fair result.

Q. Ryder Cup next year, do you think Monty was watching you, how you were going about your tactics?
CHRIS WOOD: I'd like to think so. I've not hit the ball my best this week, but you know, my short game has been really sharp, and I've certainly got the most out of my game this week and that's what you've got to do in match play.

Q. What was Paul McGinley like as a captain?
CHRIS WOOD: Brilliant. Every single player has said he's been a great captain, very inspirational. He said the right things at the right times. He know what is to say to his player and he had a game plan all weekend that he really stuck to it, even though a few people might sort of not agreed with it, he stuck to it and he was dead right with what he was trying to do.

Q. A lot of big tournaments between now and The Race to Dubai, you must be feeling on too of the world; are you?
CHRIS WOOD: I'm working hard on my game. That's all I can do. Experiences like this, Peter and I were saying, coming down 16, this sort of situation is similar to being in contention on a Sunday afternoon.
But it's just head-to-head match play, but similar sort of feelings, and it's a great experience.

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