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September 27, 2009

Miguel Angel Jimenez


Q. Not the team result you were hoping for, but how proud of yourself are new beating one of the rising stars in world golf, Ross Fisher?
MIGUEL ÁNGEL JIMÉNEZ: Like you said, at the end, they win the trophy, but we are probably not on the same level the first three days. On the other hand, like you said, I played very well today. He was 3-up on me a couple of times.

Q. How important was experience after being 3-down after six holes?
MIGUEL ÁNGEL JIMÉNEZ: Experience is very important. All of my life, I've said never give up and fight and you always know that there are still holes to go and you still have a chance.

Q. You've played in every one of these, will you be back for the next one?
MIGUEL ÁNGEL JIMÉNEZ: If my game is there and I make the team, of course, I would love to. This is something that Seve has created. Seve is the mentor of The European Tour and he has created this tournament to get people used to the Match Play for The Ryder Cup. It's his vision and I think he's right and he's the master. I believe we should support this tournament and make it bigger.

Q. You've played in a few of these and a few Ryder Cups, what did you make of the performances overall this week?
MIGUEL ÁNGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, I know that the performance, I played very well, and probably we didn't make the perfect result in the first three rounds, you know. It's a little bit different for the last round.
But the people give everything today, but it went to the side of Great Britain and Ireland.

Q. There's been a few good performances individually from some of the younger guys in particular, what has caught your eye?
MIGUEL ÁNGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, Ross, he's playing well, he's 3-up after four holes and he made a birdie on 5 and he make another 3-up after six holes, and then I fought back. He's played very well, and he's a nice kid. He has a long future, and I'm very pleased to compete with those new guys and beat them and be competitive with them.
I am 21 years on the Tour, and when I come in here, I'm a beginner and it's all the other stars there. But when you have the new ones coming here and I still compete with them, I feel very proud to be here.

Q. Do you think the talent on display this week bodes well for The Ryder Cup next year?
MIGUEL ÁNGEL JIMÉNEZ: There will be very good players there, amazing players. I think The Ryder Cup, most of the players are here this week, and you can see from the results, you can see that it will be fantastic.

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