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September 27, 2009

Anders Hansen


Q. Fantastic victory for yourself, probably some of the best golf we've seen this week.
ANDERS HANSEN: I birdied 10 or 12 holes and that was unbelievable, and I just played great. It's an unbelievable run. I birdied 1, 2, and then parred 3, birdied 4 and parred 5 and then birdied in from there.

Q. Obviously you had an incident yesterday, which sort of raised the pressure a little bit.
ANDERS HANSEN: I just wanted to go out and just do the job today and just prove that those numbers are completely wrong; that we are much better than we have been showing so far.
So it was great and it seems like the team is making great comebacks. It's a bit of a shame that we were so far behind, otherwise it could have been quite interesting. But it great for the guys and really hope the guys are going to pull some victories off. Nice to see some blue numbers up.
I hope it's going to send a signal down to the guys and they are going to push forward.

Q. Does it compare to how you've played before? Must be one of your best performances.
ANDERS HANSEN: 10-under through 12 is spectacular, it doesn't happen very off. It's quite special, it's very, very special.

Q. And overall the week, you've enjoyed it?
ANDERS HANSEN: It's been a great week. I've really enjoyed it. It's a great experience. It's a great format and it's great for us to sort of get a feeling for what the Ryder Cup is.
I really hope the guys can pull something out and we can get really close to them. We can't win obviously but if we can get close, it send some signals out.

Q. Your own Ryder Cup hopes, obviously you'd like to be there next year.
ANDERS HANSEN: Obviously, but not thinking about that right now.

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