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September 27, 2009

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Well, your final assessment, your guys really came through when you needed them at the end there. I know you came up short, but stirring fight back.
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, it was. There was a lot of spirit in what they did today, and they had a lot of pride to play for. We obviously are disappointed with the result. But I think we walk out of here holding their heads high and feel like, well, at least they put up the fight.
That's all I asked of them last night. We left ourselves too much to do, and you know, that's disappointing. But all in all, we gave it all we had and we just came up short.

Q. Have you enjoyed the experience?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Very much so, yeah, I have. They have been great to be around. We have had a great team spirit going. We had a great feeling of everything that we had done. But you know, in the end, we didn't have the game that they had, and that's why they came out on top.

Q. I think something you said there was quite pertinent for next year, any of the 20 have shown that they are probably capable of coping with that environment next year at Celtic Manor.
THOMAS BJÖRN: When you look at this, it was a lot of the lesser players that played their greatest golf this week. We know the great players are capable of playing in The Ryder Cup, but a lot of the guys who maybe were not so much in people's minds of making The Ryder Cup Team showed great spirit and great character this week on both sides.
It just goes to show that the strength of The European Tour is getting better and better.

Q. Anders Hansen, the ten birdies in 12 holes, the most sensational golf of the week, just goes that some of the unsung guys don't get the recognition.
THOMAS BJÖRN: It would not surprise me if we see a couple of surprise names in The Ryder Cup team next time.

Q. The message that Seve sent through, every does think about him in a week like, and he's been in your thoughts and the team's as well, hasn't he.
THOMAS BJÖRN: Very much so. He means a lot to us all, as players and as a Tour. We need him back amongst us, he can't play, but at least amongst us. He is all that The European Tour stands for.

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