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September 27, 2009

Thomas Bjorn

Paul McGinley


Q. Thomas, not the result you were hoping for but you must be very proud of your team.
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, we came out, we had a long discussion about things last night, you know, go out and play for your pride.
It was a big ask today. We left ourselves too much today and it came out in the end that they showed the spirit that this tournament is all about. They played all the way to the end and they can walk out of here with our heads held high. We are disappointed with ourselves, we didn't play well but Great Britain and Ireland played some phenomenal golf.
They have done themselves so proud. We have had a good week, and we learned a lot of stuff this week about ourselves, and you know, looking back, I think definitely we would do it again but I certainly learned. We had some great guys and we had a good time and we enjoyed the hospitality and we had a good week.
The venue was perfect and it was birdies galore, and I think that's what you want. It looked good on TV and that's the most important thing, any Tour event, certainly events like this, that it looks good, and it shows that it's world class.
PAUL McGINLEY: I've been saying all week that this is a very, very strong European Team and we knew that and they showed it today.
The key for us today was to hang in and ride the storm as best we could and try to make as many points out there as we could, because we knew it was a very, very strong European Team that had not shown their true colors so far and at the weekend, we knew at some stage they would.
We had a huge lead going into today, we had 90 per cent of the job done, and I think we all really enjoyed it. The team spirit was extremely good, and the boys who had not played team golf before, got off on a really good foot and hopefully they will fly the flag for Europe in the future.
There's no doubt about it, Rory, for example, showed that, if he makes the team next year and he's going to be a great asset, he has all -- not just the game, but he has all of the characteristics personally to be a great Ryder Cup player.
To be honest, I didn't try to guess what Thomas was doing. I had a lot of faith in my team, and so I wasn't really concerned with what Thomas was going to do. I knew we were up against it and I stressed how much we had to play well to win each session. I'm really disappointed we didn't win the singles today, but as I say we knew we were against a very, very tough European Team who was going to show their true colors today.
Seve has been in our thoughts every day. There has not been a team meeting we haven't done or anything like that that we haven't done that we haven't mentioned Seve. I know he's watching out there, and I got a phone call and it means so much to everybody. He means so much to us and what he's done for The European Tour, what he stands for, and he tells me he's going to be a month away from travelling again.
He was very, very close to coming here today but unfortunately the pain was just too severe. Seve, if you're out there, we would love to see you on Tour as soon as possible.

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