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September 26, 2009

Robert Rock

Oliver Wilson


Q. How much pressure do you feel over a 3 1/2, 4-foot putt on the last green to win a point?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I wish it was a little closer. And I missed a short one on 16, so I did remember that, but it just went in just about.

Q. You've played a fair amount of this sort of format in this tournament, they are not easy to win these points, are they.
OLIVER WILSON: No, that was quite tricky. We played pretty solid all day, and then I made a dreadful mistake on the 16th and felt horrendous after that.
So to finish the way we did and come out on top, Robert played great, hit some great shots down the stretch. It was nice. I left him quite a few 3- and 4-footers today, so he had a lot of practise.

Q. How much confidence have you got out of these wins?
ROBERT ROCK: This morning was brilliant for me. It was nice playing with Nick. Nick drove it great, and that really was something I've been struggling with. So we played from the fairway quite a bit this morning and that gave me a bit of confidence for this afternoon, so hit some decent iron shots today.

Q. Can you smell victory, pretty close now?
OLIVER WILSON: I felt like this afternoon was quite important. Certainly didn't want to go out and lose a session, so to come out on top like that, we are pretty close. The boys played brilliant this week. I don't know, I can't quite remember what the points total is, but we are not that far away, I know that.
They are going to come at us tomorrow. We expect them to come at us at some stage but they haven't managed to do it and we have managed to hold them off, I think tomorrow it will be tough, but we are not far away.

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