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September 26, 2009

Ross Fisher

Chris Wood


Q. Chris, maintaining the 100 per cent record.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it was nice to get the same pairing again. We had another tough game this afternoon so it was a good game to win.

Q. A tough game out there but you came away on the back nine.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, the morning was really tough. They have probably been the team of the week, those two. Great players, all keep it in play, good putters. Me and Woody needed to play well.
This afternoon, I think we were really solid. There was a couple of key points. Anders hit it stiff on 7 and I hit a decent shot in there to 8 feet and Woody made a great putt and we won 8 and 9 and had the momentum, and they threw a birdie at them.
And so I think the biggest turning point was probably 14, looking like we were going out of the hole and they 3-putt and make 5 and so we get a halve. Just really, really pleased to win both games and keep this boy's undefeated record intact.

Q. Talking of that, it's some record on his debut, isn't it.
ROSS FISHER: It's pretty good. No, he's a class player. You don't finish inside the top 5 of The Open Championship two years running being an average player. Chris is a great player, huge potential and huge career ahead of himself and I'm just pleased that Paul showed good faith in me to keep me out here today and pairing us together. I think we were both really excited to play with each other and I think that showed in our golf today.

Q. And what have you made of the partnership so far for you guys?
ROSS FISHER: Greensomes was tricky today. I think Chris helped me out using the same ball as I use because he uses a slightly different compression Titleist so that means whoever played the tee shot we were playing the same ball. It was handy for Chris to get used to it this morning and play the foursomes using the same ball. The only tricky part was choosing who was going first and second.
You know it was pretty similar. We are both pretty long, pretty straight off the tee, both putted well. Chris has putted beautifully this week so this morning I wanted to almost try and take his drive so I could put it on the green. This afternoon, crucial putts at key moments, they were slightly off today so feel very relieved to get two points on the board.

Q. As Ross just said, they have been their best partnership so far and you managed to defeat them this afternoon.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, well, we had two goes at them today, probably got a little bit unlucky with the draw to draw their best partnership. We managed to turn them over twice which is great really.
You know, we probably weren't quite firing on all cylinders today. We hung in there and you know, Ross hit some great tee shots at some good times and some real long tee shots, could have putted it on 11 I think, and things like that certainly helped you out.

Q. While your mind is undoubtedly focused on this competition, we have had Colin Montgomerie in today talking about how impressed he's been with you and your performance and overall attitude; that music to your ears.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it's nice. I don't feel like I've hit the ball anywhere near my best, and it's match play, you don't need to play that well. You just need to get the job done and win a point. I've had a really good attitude this week, and haven't hit the ball anywhere near my best, and scored. If you can just keep the momentum, that's how you can win games.

Q. Different challenge tomorrow with the singles, not having a partner next to you, you must go into that with a lot of confidence.
CHRIS WOOD: Yes, I'll try and do a little bit of work tonight if I get the chance on my game, but it's not far off. I'm scoring well even if I'm not playing my best. As long as you're scoring well, you're going to win some holes.

Q. You mentioned briefly before about the incident in the earlier game, I suppose they are the rules, you play by them and that's all you can do.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, you play by the rules. We were chatting about it over lunch, and even walking up the first tee, he said to me, "Fish, I can't believe we got a free drop there." That's golf. You use them to your advantage.
So just going over there, really thinking, can we sort of drop it and does Woody have a shot and for them to come over and say, yeah, you can get free relief in the drop zone, a big sigh of relief but then Woody stepped up and hit a great chip shot, gave me a nice putt, really struggled to take the par back on that one. I really wanted to hole that, because to give away a half a point there would have been massive. We played so well. You know, they probably felt a little hard done by. They are looking all right for their two tee shots and we are water and looking like OB and we walk out of it with a three and we win the match. It was massive.
I think a lot of them were a little bit demoralized by that, but that's golf and we got away with it, and we pressed on, shoved that to the back of our minds, and look at that score board up there. Dougherty and Web were unlucky not to get a point. The boys they were playing holed two 30-footers on the last green and there's nothing you can do about that. A nice 4-nil would have been huge but we are in a great position for tomorrow with ten points up for grabs and all we need to do is win a couple of those and we get the trophy.
It's going to be tough but I think everyone's pumped and everyone is up for it and just bring it on for tomorrow.

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