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September 26, 2009

Anthony Wall


ANTHONY WALL: I felt something go in my collarbone on 14, played the last couple of holes in pain. Physios always tell us when you do something straightaway that you know that you've heard it, it's a pain that you know you've done something to, not just something that comes overnight and you knew it's sore.
I knew I had done something as soon as I hit the shot which is normally a tear or a strain. I'm just hoping a bit of rest will help but at the moment struggling.

Q. Normally the physios stop right there, wouldn't they?
ANTHONY WALL: Well, it wasn't bad enough at the time but I only played two more holes, so just a case of resting it. And I spoke to Paul and we decided to rest me this morning and put me back in this afternoon but it's bad as ever. Muscles, ribs, the muscles in your rib cage, they are deadly things, things like that happen. And it was rough trying to hook it around the tree. You put your body under stress when you do that.
So just rest, it's a muscle in your rib cage sort of thing. Can't do a lot of treatment on that. It's a case it just needs to rest and heal we'll see tomorrow.

Q. Apart from physically, disappointing because you were playing so well.
ANTHONY WALL: I couldn't be more gutted. You just love the whole thing. I wanted to play twice a day. The feeling I had yesterday, it couldn't be more the opposite, just absolute sick.

Q. The role of captain's this afternoon?
ANTHONY WALL: It was for the last nine this morning, so certainly will be.

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