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September 26, 2009

Robert Rock


Q. Your first point in the Seve Trophy, how did it feel?
ROBERT ROCK: Great, yeah, it was really good fun. Nick was great to play with. He played very nicely but putted well and it worked out that we hit a lot of his tee shots and I played quite a lot of iron shots into the greens, and it was nice knowing that he was putting well and I just had to hit it somewhere near ten, 20 foot, was good enough that he was rolling it nicely. So the pressure was off with that.
As long as he hit it in play off the tee, which he did, because he drove it perfect, I could play the shot I wanted to play into the greens, and he finished the job off very well.

Q. Nice to get the victory?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, and the one hole really that suited Nick's iron play and that I didn't really fancy the second shot into there, I got a decent tee shot away, he took the shot on and we had a bit of a conversation about it, but it went to plan and that was it.

Q. Nick was saying before how well you guys get on.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, we did have quite a decent crack on the course and that makes things a little bit more relaxed. But we started off well, as well. I mean, it's hard to do that. It's hard to have a good time out there if you get under pressure early and you're down.
But we started off well, we won the first two, and yeah, we kept joking all the way around and it made it a lot easier.

Q. You beat a pretty formidable partnership, particularly Gonzo was playing well.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, he was tough, they are both great players, and we are really happy to beat them.

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