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September 25, 2009

Anthony Wall


Q. Another good performance today?
ANTHONY WALL: Yeah, beautiful day. Chris played brilliantly, three or four unbelievable up-and-downs that he made and kept us going and then from there we just played some good golf, made a couple of good birdies coming home which is enough to make a win.
We dovetailed brilliantly. He's been brilliant this week. He's played two lovely days of golf. Today we weren't as good as yesterday but yesterday we were special, so it was hard to adjust I think. We dodged a few bullets early on and probably a couple of putts we should have holed. But in the end, we kept that feeling and as long as we did, we couldn't get beat.

Q. It was more solid than yesterday, but do you take confidence from the way you played yesterday?
ANTHONY WALL: I found it difficult because I played so well yesterday that I got a little bit down on myself trying to reproduce that, and you can't reproduce that sort of golf every day. As I say we dodged a few bullets and as long as we stayed up we were happy and I birdied 13 and 17 and that was good enough.

Q. What have you made of this week so far?
ANTHONY WALL: We are all good mates and the caddies get on and even the opposition's caddies, we have a laugh and we all desperately want to win and we are fighting hard.

Q. Ahead but tightly poised.
ANTHONY WALL: It's brilliant, so many points available at the weekends, we have barely started. There's ten points on Sunday alone. We are only a third of the way through, so there's all to play for.

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