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September 25, 2009

Nick Dougherty

Ross Fisher


Q. You got off the mark at last, that was an important one for both of you I would imagine?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I think so. Yesterday was disappointing. I haven't really played as well as I can do these two days, and I think the important part of the fourball is to always keep two balls in play, this is what we are working on this week.
Ross carried me really well through the turn today and I was struggling and he made three or four birdies in the space of six holes which really set us up, and I chipped in on 12 which got us a couple up and then he birdied the next.
So momentum is key to this format. I think we got a bit of it today, and it was good to be those guys, because they are all great players here, and you know, we are well aware that we are underdogs and, you know, so to get a point today was really, really good.

Q. Did you feel you had the bit between your teeth today to get on the board?
ROSS FISHER: Definitely. Like Dough said, we were disappointed yesterday. We felt like we got off to a great start, kind of let it slip and we sort of fought back really hard at the end, and kind of -- sounds harsh, but we kind of threw it away on 17. You just want to put your ball in play and we didn't do that.
To be fair we came up against a really hot pairing. If Gonzo would have holed a 3-footer on 7, they would have had nine birdies in a row, and you have to play damn good golf to contend with it. Both myself and Dough, we want to go out there and prove that we can play well together.
And like he said, around the turn, really crucial. I had a shocker on 9. Should have hit the green, after Dough was in trouble, made four, and birdied 10 and then birdied 11 and 12; we are looking like losing the hole, Dough chips in, Pete misses; all of the sudden we are cruising and I birdie the next.

Q. Momentum's key.
ROSS FISHER: Momentum is so big. And like Paul has been trying to drum into everyone, try to keep two balls in play, try to keep it in play on the green, each one, and to be fair, I think we did that today.

Q. Are you pleased that Paul kept the two of you together?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, both myself and Dough, we were disappointed yesterday. You know, we had good parts, but we were a little bit untidy and we just wanted to prove that we can play well together. I think today we played really, really solid.
It was always going to be difficult, whoever you play against. The Europeans are a strong team. We have got a real good bunch of guys. We are very confident in all our own abilities, and we are gelling really well as a team and enjoying it, a real enthusiastic, positive energy buzzing through the team room, and Paul is carrying that out. He is just so influential and he's got some great team talks. We are really fired up. We know it's going to be difficult, but we are in a good position now and there's a long way to go.

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