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September 25, 2009

Simon Dyson

Oliver Wilson


Q. Another good performance.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, delighted with that. We played great today, we knew it was going to be a tough match. Dys got off to a great start and managed to keep the momentum and keep on top.
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, we played good last year. As soon as Paul said who, is your ideal partner, I said Ollie, straightaway, and it's proving so.

Q. Have you been involved in a match like that before? Disappointed you didn't play the last to have a chance on 59?
OLIVER WILSON: Obviously delighted. Played great so far. Hopefully we can keep that up tomorrow and have two more good rounds and see what happens, but I think overall it was a good day again.

Q. Can you compare how you feel now to Wednesday?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah I felt I was on death's door Wednesday morning. I got some good advice from the doctor and he told me just to stay in, stay in bed and not eat and hopefully it will be a 24-hour bug, which I think it was.

Q. What's happened since then?
SIMON DYSON: I still wasn't 100 percent yesterday, especially yesterday morning when I got on the range.
But today it was good. We are gelling fantastically well which is what fourball match play is all about. If you it do that, you're always going to be tough to beat, which we are proving so at the minute.

Q. What makes it a good combination?
OLIVER WILSON: From my point of view, it's great to have someone so energetic and up for it and confident. My game is very different to Simon's and I think we complement each other quite well for that. If I'm a little down, he can't stay down for long.

Q. You were pretty down in Switzerland when I spoke to you.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, still not great, still not where I want it. But these things are different. You come with what you've got. You don't really have lots of time to practice and find it when you're in a week like this but you kind of focus and it's just a different -- it's hard to explain. It's just very different. You just go with what you've got and grind it out and hit the shots. When you've got a partner it also makes it a little bit easier and not quite so much pressure.

Q. Did it help turn around your game?
OLIVER WILSON: Not really. Yeah, I think it can give you confidence. As far as my game is concerned I'm still working on things and trying to move forward. So hopefully by the end of the week it will have improved and hopefully it will keep improving. It got a little better today. If it keeps improving, as the week goes on, it will be good.

Q. A fantastic run at the moment?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, playing good. A lot of it is confidence, you know. All of a sudden I got that win in Holland again, and played well in Cologne. I was two inches short in the playoff and I didn't have a chance of winning. But yeah, a lot of this game is on confidence, and I've probably got as much confidence as I've ever had at the minute, which is a lot. Never down for too long.
We are a lot alike but we are a lot similar, as well, as in we are never going to give away stupid holes because we are both battling 100%, and it's a great partner to have in that.
OLIVER WILSON: We have kept the pressure on. We did it last time we played together and done it again this week. Just keep the pressure on the guys. It makes a big difference when you've got a couple of chances at birdie on every hole. It really does make a big difference. Some guys play a little differently, maybe a bit aggressive, and it puts pressure on your partner. Probably only a couple of holes where we have both not have a chance at birdie or a win or whatever needs to be done.
And so I think that's the key.
SIMON DYSON: Which you've got to do against a team like this, because strong side, strong sides.

Q. Were you pleased that Paul kept you together?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, definitely.

Q. He kept all the partnerships the same, didn't he.
OLIVER WILSON: We won the first session and played good yesterday. We've won it again today. So it's obviously -- I think pretty much everyone on the team is playing well, and if everyone is comfortable with who they are playing with, that's half the battle.

Q. Are you well enough to play 36 tomorrow?
SIMON DYSON: Yes, play 36 on Wednesday.

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