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September 13, 2009

Jim Furyk


Q. You're now in a position where you can go to Atlanta, win for the first time all year and make more money than anyone else.
JIM FURYK: You know, I've played well this year. I've played solid, but obviously I haven't won a golf tournament. That bothers me more than anyone else, trust me. And I'm reminded of it every time I play well. The guy out there in the last group is the reason why I haven't had a better chance to win a couple more tournaments.
I played well this week. Really this weekend I shot 9-under on a very, very difficult golf course. I made a big move.
You know, I'm proud of the way I played, but he was definitely in a class all his own, and it seemed like he was playing a different golf course out there.

Q. Talk about the difference in your game today.
JIM FURYK: To be honest, I did a wonderful job getting the ball in the hole today. I really got off to a little bit of a shaky start. I missed a bunch of greens. I think I only had nine or ten putts on the front nine. It wasn't like I was knocking in any real long ones, but I made a bunch of four-, five-, eight-, ten-footers, and really just kind of scrapped it along and made a bunch of pars when I was in trouble and sprinkled in a couple birdies in here and there, and when I looked up at the board, everyone was falling off the leaderboard. Scores were high today.
The greens were firmer, a little faster, and I think more importantly, the pins were tough. They were in really, really difficult positions. I knew if I just hung in there I'd have a chance to kind of vie for that second position.

Q. They want to get a U.S. Open here. Could this be a U.S. Open course?
JIM FURYK: You know, from my understanding, the goal is that they wanted to make the golf course more difficult; they wanted to make it harder and they wanted to make it U.S. Open-worthy. Our setup this week was a little bit more on the mellow sides. The greens really weren't all that quick. The greens really weren't all that firm.
It could become unplayable. This is one of those venues where you're not worried about if it's tough enough, you're worried about have we made it unplayable.
It's definitely -- I think it could definitely hold a major.

Q. You mentioned you were kind of playing for second place after what happened yesterday --
JIM FURYK: Well, we went out way, way, way behind the lead. I kind of had my eye on second place. And when I got to 10 today, I remember the last I looked at the board a few holes back, Tiger was at 15. I started thinking, well, what if? What if he's 14 now? What if he made another bogey? I asked my caddie where he stood. He said, "17," and I just started laughing. So we were just trying to finish second.

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