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September 11, 2009

Brittany Lang


JASON TAYLOR: First birdie on No. 2.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. The par-5. Do you just want to know what I hit into the green?
JASON TAYLOR: Yeah. What you hit, and how far.
BRITTANY LANG: Okay. I hit an 80-yard shot, and I had about a 15-footer for birdie.
JASON TAYLOR: And what did you make?
BRITTANY LANG: My shot? I hit kind of a knock-down sand wedge.
JASON TAYLOR: And then bogey on No. 3. What happened on that one?
BRITTANY LANG: I hit a great shot in there and three-putted from the back of the green.
JASON TAYLOR: And then birdie on No. 8.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. I hit a really good shot in there, a little knock-down 6-iron and almost flew it in the hole, and I had about a 15-footer down the hill and made that.
JASON TAYLOR: And then birdie No. 11.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. The par-3. I hit an 8-iron, hit it really poorly, so I was short and I had about a 25-footer, I would say, and made that.
JASON TAYLOR: And then the eagle.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. The eagle was awesome. I hit a killer drive, and then I hit a 5-iron to about three or four feet and made that.
JASON TAYLOR: And then 17, birdie.
BRITTANY LANG: 17. I hit a 5-iron. It was a long putt, so I made like a 35-footer, 30-footer, somewhere in there. Actually, yeah. 30-footer. Yeah.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Well, finished at 5-under. Co-leader right now in the clubhouse. If you would, just kind of talk about how the day went for you.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. It was a pretty easy day. I've been hitting the ball well. For about two months now I've been hitting the ball just fantastic, and today the putts just dropped.
I've been working really hard on my putting and my mental game, and everything came together today. It was easy, and that's what I'm working for it to be, but the putts just fell pretty much. I've been hitting it well for a while.
JASON TAYLOR: Questions?

Q. Brittany, I know last week was maybe your first cut miss this year. Is that right?
BRITTANY LANG: In a while, yeah.

Q. How motivating was that to come back and play well this week after that happening?
BRITTANY LANG: I mean it was severely disappointing because I played great the first round and then I was still playing really well the second round, but after the Solheim Cup, I was so mentally worn out, and I didn't even know it.
Like I felt fine, but I was getting really upset on the golf course, doing things I wouldn't normally do. So I just chalked it up to me being mentally tired, because physically I was fine.
So I took probably three days off, and I've been practicing just a little bit less to kind of get that back, and I feel a lot better.
I mean it wasn't really motivating. I was extremely disappointed in myself, because I think I just -- I got so upset on the golf course I couldn't even play. So just learning from that is pretty much it.

Q. You spent a lot of time on the range a couple days here. Just what were you working on in particular and do you normally like to spend more time on the range than maybe doing practice round?
BRITTANY LANG: Than on what?

Q. Seemed like you were on the range maybe more than the other girls. I mean do you like --
BRITTANY LANG: Oh, rather than playing?

Q. Sure.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. Well, Tuesday, I wasn't sure what I was going to do and I kind of wanted to mix things up, so I didn't play and I just had a really solid practice. I hit balls, chipped and putted.
And then I was planning on playing 18 in the Pro-Am, and we only had nine. And then I came out early -- so I played nine Wednesday and I came out early Thursday morning and played the other nine.
But yeah, on the range I'm just working on a few things with my coach, and they've been constant and it's been helping me. Just making sure my alignment's solid, all my fundamentals are solid, my alignment and just making sure my back swing's on plane, but just pretty basic things.

Q. On 14 you said you hit 5-iron into the green. About how long did you have to carry that, and I guess the ball kind of went up the back of the green and then rolled back.

Q. Is that where you were trying to land it?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. Well, we were in between clubs. It was 167 to carry on to the green, and I'm not sure how far the pin was. I think it was like maybe 82, somewhere, I think it was 182. And we were kind of in between, and I wanted to take that club, because even if you got it past, it would come back, so I hit it fantastic. It landed perfectly.
JASON TAYLOR: All right? Good?

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