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September 10, 2009

David Toms


Q. David, great round out there.
DAVID TOMS: Thanks. It was a perfect day. We've been lucky the last week and a half; the weather has been tremendous. We had a nice day. This is an awfully long golf course. It's starting to dry out, which is a good thing for the shorter hitters like myself, so we have some sort of a chance to score.
I just had a good day. I drove it well, kept it in play, and like you said, finished up nicely the last five holes.

Q. What was your first impression when you saw the newly designed Cog Hill?
DAVID TOMS: My first impression was pretty much what I thought it would be, just because I know of why they did it, trying to get a U.S. Open. I've worked with Rees before on a couple golf courses, and I knew what to expect. I knew it was going to be difficult, and it certainly is. The only thing on the bright side, there's a lot of these fairway bunkers I can't even reach off the tee. So anyway, it wasn't too bad out there.

Q. Do you think in the scheduling that it would make more sense to have the week off be after the Deutsche Bank because this golf tournament is going to rotate, to give guys a little bit more time for preparation? You guys had a very short week.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, we have had a short week. And what if you get rain with that Monday finish? You have rain and you're really hosed. I think that's something they need to take a look at for sure.
But this is six weeks in a row for me right here, and for a 42-year-old guy that's not always in the best of health anyway, it's a grind, it really is. This format, you just kind of have to play and suck it up and get through it and do what you want in the fall.

Q. You said at the beginning of the year, and I thought it was one of the best statements I've heard all year, you said, "It's time for guys to step up and play more golf; the sponsors deserve it." So far you have practiced what you've preached. The results are there, as well. I mean, your game has started to really come around this year.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, I just kind of said I'm going to play a lot of golf, and when I'm at golf tournaments I'm going to work at it and I'm going to give it everything I've got, and it has paid off for me this year.

Q. Do you have somebody else working on your deer stand and your hunting blinds? This has taken you away from a lot of important stuff this fall.
DAVID TOMS: You're right, you're right. But I have people at home, friends and family, that get to enjoy those things and get my hunting spots ready for me. I'll be there soon enough.

Q. It's been a bit of a throwback year for you, going back to your old sponsor, club-wise, in Cleveland, going back to your old caddie in Scott Gneiser. You guys in both regards had gone the other direction but now back with both. Very first full-field event of the year, right there in the final group with Zach Johnson. Talk about coming back to old ways.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, it has been a good thing for me. The club part of it, you know, it wasn't something either one of us wanted, Cleveland Golf or myself, at the time. But they had new ownership and they kind of had their hands tied and we were kind of forced to make that change.
The other change with caddie, that was a mistake on my part. I think a lot of times you can get complacent with your caddies out here. You're with them all the time, especially guys you've had for a long time. And you think you get somebody new on the bag and all of a sudden your game is going to turn around. You know, and that was a mistake on my part.
Certainly we've done better this year, and it's been good for both of us. We're just happy to be back together.

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