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September 9, 2009

Tiger Woods


JOHN BUSH: Welcome back to Cog Hill. Let's get some comments if we can.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, the golf course is certainly playing different. It's a lot longer. The greens are much more difficult. The bunkers are a lot deeper. It's going to be a great test. If they play it all the way back, it'll be tough.

Q. In past years your score has been pretty good here. At the end of the four rounds, what do you think it could be, 11-under, 12-, 13-?
TIGER WOODS: It depends on where they put the tees. If they put them up a little bit, you'll see guys making some birdies, but if they keep them back, like they did today, it plays long. There's a lot of really long shots. The par-3s are long.
In the past you're hitting 9-iron, 8-iron into 14. Today I hit 3-iron. Same thing on 2; 2 is usually about an 8-iron, 7-iron in there, and today I hit a 3-iron. It plays a lot different.

Q. This will be six out of seven weeks for you. How have you kind of had to modify your routine? I don't think you hit balls last week after any rounds.

Q. Today was your practice round for here, and Barclays you played one. What are the challenges of being that active?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's a lot of golf for me. I normally don't play this much. And then I'm in contention most of the events; that adds to it if you think about it. If you're there with a chance -- only time I didn't have a chance was on Monday to win the tournament. But otherwise I've been there. So that adds to maybe being a little bit more worn down, and you've got to alter your practice. Make sure you get your rest when you can because it is a long stretch.

Q. Does your score on the pro-am day matter to you?
TIGER WOODS: No, never. I've shot rounds in the low 60s, I've shot rounds in the 80s. It does not matter. It matters what you do on Thursday through Sunday, or probably through Monday last week.

Q. In '07 you were in a position where Steve Stricker was close to you in the FedExCup points and he actually was projected to be No. 1, I think, at some point in the third round. What do you remember about that situation and how you responded to actually go on to win the FedExCup?
TIGER WOODS: I don't remember anything, I swear.

Q. But you went on to win heading into the TOUR Championship.
TIGER WOODS: I know I won three in a row there. I won the Deutsche Bank, I won the BMW, and then I won at East Lake. That's the only thing I can remember. The scenarios, I can't remember. It's been a while, I guess.

Q. Steve Stricker is a nice guy; is it hard to get yourself geared up to want to beat him? What is it that makes him not only so successful but so likable?
TIGER WOODS: He's just a great guy, period. Strick, before he had his success, his game slipped away and then he came back. He hasn't changed. He's still the same Steve. From the time I came out here on TOUR until now, he hasn't changed one bit. He's just a great guy overall.
He's extremely competitive. People don't realize how competitive he is, but he is. It's another side of him we don't get to see very often, but we see how nice he is all the time.

Q. On No. 7 today did you take it over that pond?
TIGER WOODS: No, I hit 3-wood there.

Q. Do you think that's what you'll do all week or will you ever try to challenge that?
TIGER WOODS: It's 324 to carry it. I can't carry 324. Bubba can, Dustin, and I don't know who else is long here this week, but I can't carry that.

Q. Would it be better if they made the off week this week, had two off weeks and then two?
TIGER WOODS: It would be different. It certainly would be different because it would give you another little breather in there. You've got a big event in the Bridgestone, and then you have the PGA, and then you have these three big events right in a row. So they're big events, five big events in six weeks. Certainly it's different. That's one of the reasons why I skipped Barclays the first year, to give myself a break, and then this year I've played them all.

Q. Looking forward to 2016, you've said that you would play in the Olympics. If Chicago does get it, would this be an ideal venue to have it here?
TIGER WOODS: I think it would be great. I think you would have to have it on a public venue. I don't think you could have it at a country club. I think you'd have to have it at a public venue just because of what the nature of the Olympics is all about. Certainly this golf course is stand-alone in public venues here in the Chicago area. I don't know another golf course that could rival this one as far as difficulty, a public course.

Q. The changes you addressed, putting by memory and your feel and familiarity and how much of a part all that is of your fire power and success, the revisions erase a good bit of that?
TIGER WOODS: All these greens are different. They've redone them all. We'll have to relearn them, and I'm not the only one. We're all in the same boat.

Q. Your 16-year-old playing partner today, what do you think?
TIGER WOODS: He played great. He hit a lot of good shots. I think he had two or three birdies today. I think he did well.

Q. Do guys understand the points system, or is it just week to week?
TIGER WOODS: I'd have to say it's week to week. I guess you can see when you're out there playing, the fluidity of it, what you're projected to be, just based upon where you are. I think that's interesting because you don't see that week to week. The Playoffs here, we can see that, see guys make big jumps in the last round to go from -- playing well to get in it and also guys playing their way out of it, too.

Q. Can you tell when you're getting tired on the golf course? I mean, do you get grumpier?
TIGER WOODS: Thursday through Sunday is all good. That's not a problem. Your adrenaline is up playing an event. You definitely get fired up for that, not a problem. It's getting out here and having long practice sessions and things like that. You start cutting back on that and just have a short burst and make sure you get your rest.

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