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September 7, 2009

Geoff Ogilvy


Q. You played the final two holes in 8-under for the week.
GEOFF OGILVY: Yeah, I played okay. I mean, I started how I needed to start today. It looks like 16 or 17 or something like that is going to be the number. I started well and never really got anything going after that.
And then had a great chance like the middle of the back nine and chipped in on 17 for the second time. It wasn't a ridiculous chip. It was right on the edge of the green, so you think you can give it a chance.
The eagle on the last, that's a big bonus. That's an eagle pin. I'm sure there will be like ten eagles today.
It's more impressive to see Leish make it at the last to get in next week to be honest with you. The projected things, every team you'd come to a leaderboard, it's projected, and for a while he was 68 and then 72 and then 68 and then 72. I think he was 73 over the last four or five holes. Birdie might have got him there, but eagle definitely gets him into next week. That's pretty cool.

Q. When did you realize you were too far back?
GEOFF OGILVY: When I bogeyed 11, I wasn't really happy with that. I was back to 11, and I figured I needed 6-under or something of the last seven at that point, which is not undoable with an eagle. You can pick up three on the last three holes. But yeah, I mean, it's out there today. It still looks -- I'm only one back, but it's going to finish three or four back probably.

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