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September 6, 2009

Andy Murray


6-3, 6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Taylor said that your return of serve made him feel as if I was serving under armed. When you're in that groove, what does it feel like?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, yeah, it's nice. I mean, something that I practice a lot. I think it's -- I view the returns being as important as the serves, so I practice it loads and have Miles serve at me from just behind the service line. So I'm used to returning hard serves.
You know, obviously returned well today, and always liked it when guys come forward against me and serve and volley.

Q. So Miles comes in a couple yards within, so to speak, similar to...
ANDY MURRAY: Yes, I mean, he stands pretty much a meter -- like halfway between the service line and the baseline. I mean, he does that -- that's before every match, not just guys that serve big. He always serves from there so that it's more realistic.

Q. What's the key to returning serves at that speed? Is it reading where he's gonna hit it or your reactions?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I mean, a lot of it depends. Against someone like him, he's not -- like Gulbis is taller and his serve comes up a lot higher and he's not serving and volleying.
You really want to get the ball back in play against him, because even if you -- if you hit a really clean return against a guy that's not serving and volleying, you know, they can dictate the point because you're out of position.
You know, against someone like Taylor, he has a low ball toss. His serve comes through a lot lower. You need to make sure you hit a good return, because he's coming into the net. You can't leave the ball high and you can't block the returns.
That's really the most important thing: return differently against every player. I don't think you can return the same way against everybody.

Q. Is it fun to play against someone like Taylor? Because he's so different from a lot of guys out there coming to the net so often.
ANDY MURRAY: I wouldn't say it's fun. I mean, I've always -- it's just different. You know, you need to make sure you adapt your game properly. You know, that can sometimes take a little bit longer, because it never really happens where you got a guy that comes forward as much as him and slices a lot. He obviously has a big serve, too.
So you need to make sure you're ready from the start. Obviously serve started well. Broke him early, and unfortunately pretty much got broken right back. It's been happening a lot today I saw in some of the matches. Managed to stay strong and closed it out well.

Q. Getting your own business done was the most important thing, but were you aware of Rafa's problems? Does it become a talking point when he's down on the floor getting treatment?
ANDY MURRAY: No, I knew he had that problem since Montreal or whenever he did it. You know, he's had the tape on his abs. Being in the locker room, we obviously can see that.
You never now how bad it is. To me, after he had the treatment, from what I saw, didn't look like ti affected him that much. Maybe lost one more game after that.
You never know, because things can get better in a couple of days, or sometimes they get worse. You just have to focus on your own matches not what's going on in the other players.

Q. How would you assess yourself going into the semis?
ANDY MURRAY: I played three pretty different players. First one was a big sever who stayed at the back. Second one didn't hit the ball that big, but really had nothing to lose. Taylor obviously is a serve and volleyer.
I thought I dealt with the different tests that were sort of put in front of me pretty well. Try and play like that for the next few matches.

Q. And Cilic? Thoughts?
ANDY MURRAY: He's tough. He's top 20. Got a big serve. Moves pretty well for a big guy.
Again, I mean, it's kind of similar to Gulbis, just a lot more solid. I'll have to make sure I return well against him because he's got a good serve, and be solid from the back of the court.
I'm not gonna get as many free points on my own serve because he returns a bit better than Taylor. It's gonna be a tough match.

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