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September 6, 2009

Sean O'Hair


JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Sean O'Hair into the interview room, one of our leaders of the Deutsche Bank Championship at 13-under par. If we can just get your comments on your round, please.
SEAN O'HAIR: Sure. It was an up-and-down day today. Started off not the way I wanted to, but did a good job hanging in there and was patient on the greens and the approach shots. Struggled midway through the round with the wind. You know, a lot of mis-clubs, a lot of good swings but mis-clubs, and just made some nice saves today. And like I said, hung in there and made a couple birdies late and turned a potentially bad round into an okay round. So it was nice to end off the round like that.
JOHN BUSH: A packed leaderboard. Your thoughts on tomorrow's round and what it'll take.
SEAN O'HAIR: You know, a lot of good players at the top, so I don't expect guys like Stricker and Harrington and Goosen, those guys, I don't expect them to fall backwards, that's for sure. I don't know how low you're going to have to go, but you're still going to have to have a nice round of golf.
I think with who's at the top, someone in the middle of the pack or a little bit behind is going to have to shoot a pretty good score to have a chance.
You know, you get a guy like Stricker who's playing really well, and he's going to be tough to beat. I think if I go out there and focus on me and get comfortable on the first tee and not take four or five holes to get going, I should be right there at the end.

Q. With things not going your way early on, how did you hang in there?
SEAN O'HAIR: Just patience. You know, it's very easy to get down on yourself, which has been the case, my case, the last few weeks.
You know, I had a fellow player tell me just basically to pull my head out of my butt and kind of get going this week because I'm better than I believe, and I need to start believing in myself a little bit more and play my game because I know how to play.
So it was nice to hear that from him. And so I've kind of taken that into this week.

Q. Who was it?
SEAN O'HAIR: I'm not going to say. I'll tell you tomorrow maybe. We'll see.

Q. With the unpredictable wind conditions, the birdies weren't coming as they were the first two days. What specifically was it today with regard to the wind?
SEAN O'HAIR: You know, the wind was tough because it was changing. It would be blowing and then all of a sudden it would die, and then it's not blowing and then all of a sudden you'd catch a gust when the ball is mid-air. You were feeling the wind against and it was across and help. So it just was all over the place.
It just really played a role with my mis-clubbing because I had a stretch in the middle of the round today where I really was hitting it nicely. I mean, I was hitting my lines, posing over the shots, and they're coming up short or they're going long.
But I made some key up-and-downs. I mean, the up-and-down on 10, even though it was very simple, it's one of those shots that you can kind of fall asleep on and get away from you a little bit.
And then the up-and-down on 11 was huge. It was a tough up-and-down, and it was a tough lie. I don't know how to hold that green yet. I've got to figure that out tonight.
I think those key up-and-downs right there kind of kept the round together because it definitely could have gotten away from me.

Q. You've been in this position before and won some and not won some. What do you draw off those experiences that might help tomorrow?
SEAN O'HAIR: I think from like -- the good experiences, I wake up in the morning and I almost tell myself I'm going to win today; I'm going to play well today. The TPC, you know, Bay Hill, I wake up, and there's a little bit of doubt. It takes me a few holes to get going. I mean, Bay Hill two years in a row, it's taken me seven holes to get going, and I can't do that with a player like Tiger Woods nipping at my heels.
And so that was two hard lessons there. And then TPC was just -- I was playing well, and I just shot even par on the front, and you can't play against guys like Phil Mickelson doing that. I've got a lot of good players up there that I've got to compete against, and I've just got to be ready to play tomorrow. I've got to step up on that tee knowing that I'm going to play well tomorrow and be ready to go.
JOHN BUSH: Thank you, Sean.

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