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September 4, 2009

Alena Sharp


Q. Alena, can you just take us through that last putt?
ALENA SHARP: I knew it was uphill, so I knew it was going to end. And the greens were getting slower as the day goes on. I knew I had to hit it. I told myself that I needed to give it speed.
It was a slow putt off the right edge, and I didn't hit it hard enough before it broke. I should have played it out a maybe just a little bit further, so it was one or the other, line or speed. And if I would have hit it just a little harder, it would have stayed in the center and not on the edge.

Q. You looked emotional as you came off the green. How much does this tournament mean to you, and how tough is it to --
ALENA SHARP: It's tough to miss it by one shot. I hit too many good shots to miss the cut this week, but that's the extra little pressure that just being a Canadian playing the Canadian Open just gets to you a little bit and maybe makes you a little bit more nervous and a little more tight.
So I definitely think I was trying to not force putts in, but I know that I would be more freer if I wasn't playing at the Canadian Open. You just want to do well so badly.

Q. Is that why we're maybe only going to see one or possibly not any Canadians make the cut here this week, is that added pressure?
ALENA SHARP: You know, it's there. You try hard to find it and not think about it, but it's always there. Whenever you come to the golf course, when you tee it off on the first hole, when you come up the 18th hole, it's there for sure.

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