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September 4, 2009

Lorie Kane


Q. What are your thoughts on today's rounds?
LORIE KANE: What are my thoughts? Oh, well -- my thoughts. Well, I'm very disappointed. I don't know what to say, other than, you know, I gave it all I had and made some very bad golf swings out there.
I don't know. I got a little tight on my left side and wasn't hitting through the ball, obviously, as I dumped several drives, and you can't hit it in the rough here. It's getting tougher.
And I didn't make any putts either day, and I think that killed my momentum, or at least trying to get some momentum. You know, starting off yesterday with two birdies and then hitting it in the water.
You know, I did hit some good putts, just nothing that -- I don't know what else to say.

Q. Do you get emotional?
LORIE KANE: You know what, I think I'm beyond the emotional side. I know I'm trying to work very hard and to stay very patient and not to be looking at results as to determine whether or not I achieve what I'm working on.
You know, but there's nobody who wants to play more on the weekend than me, and to represent CN and not to be able to play.

Q. What about, though, when you're realizing it's not going your way and you're walking down 17 and 18 at the CN Canadian Women's Open?
LORIE KANE: Well, yeah. That helps. Definitely helps.

Q. Or is that bittersweet?
LORIE KANE: No, well, you know, it's part of sports, and I'm not dying. So I will survive this, and it'll make me stronger and I'll just work harder for next week.

Q. You talked before the tournament, you said you believed in yourself, somebody had to believe in yourself.

Q. You've had at least five Top 10 finishes at this thing.

Q. So obviously this is your soil. This is your pride and joy.
LORIE KANE: Yeah. Right. And I still believe I can play, and I still feel quite confident that good things are around the corner.
I just need to be even more patient than I'm being, work even harder than I'm working, and most importantly enjoy what I'm doing.

Q. How are the greens?
LORIE KANE: Awesome. I think they've done a great job. I'm expecting even bigger crowds over the weekend.
This golf course is tough. It played so different in the practice rounds and the Pro-Am, and in the last two days, the greens are -- the greens are tough.

Q. Thank you very much.
LORIE KANE: All right.

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