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September 3, 2009

Yaroslava Shvedova


Y. SHVEDOVA/J. Jankovic
6-3, 6-7, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Where does this rank in career victories? How does it rank as far as the biggest wins of your career?

Q. Is it one of the biggest wins of your career?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: Yeah. You know, you have statistic on Internet. For me it's great. I'm happy so much to be able to beat great player in the big stadium.

Q. It felt at times like a match that would never end.
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: Yeah, it felt like almost like all day was on the court. But in the same time, felt like it was so quick.
In the end, it was very quick. But then after I walk out of the court, I felt like my feets was hurting so much, the blisters. I was like, I run a lot today.

Q. Was that one of the biggest serves of your career?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: No, I like to do aces on the match points. I did it on the French Open. I did it twice. Yeah, close my match with an ace. So it was nice.
I wasn't thinking about it. I just, like, even before the serve, I was cheer up myself, ask for the crowd to help me also with the energy, and then I just serve, and then I don't remember anything (laughter).

Q. You were facing two match points at the end. What happened right at that moment?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: I was just thinking like, even before, always like, Please keep pushing yourself, run, run, run, like put the ball, like run. Please, like, fight. And I was trying this. And I was like, Don't rush. Just play your game, forehand, backhand, forehand, backhand. It was good points, yeah.
I don't remember the second match point.

Q. The overhead. That was to get to match point.
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: It was 6-All, yeah, yeah.

Q. Did you have any doubt at that time that it was getting away from you?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: What do you mean?

Q. That you might lose at that point.
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: No, I didn't think. I, like, how you say in English? I knew like she have two match points, but I was like just trying to keep playing like is a normal points.

Q. You played her once before in a three-setter, is that correct?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: Yes. Last year in Doha.

Q. Was there anything you learned from having that experience before that you were able to use today? Exploit some weaknesses perhaps?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: That time in Doha was different a lot because on my last match in the qualification, I broke my meniscus. And the first match, I was continuing to playing, because I didn't have an MRI. And I was, like, playing with a broken meniscus.
Before my match, results came. And our physios, they said, Go play. We're not going to tell you the results. We're going to tell you after the match so you don't think.
I realize I have, like, it's bad. I knew I need surgery. So they just tape it. I went on the court and I just played. Like I realize is nothing special. Like for me it's like regular player. So you can beat anyone.

Q. You beat one of the top players in the world.
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: It's like this year, I see how many, like, players, like, doing this. Like big changing starts now. Like Oudin, I told her after my match, I came in the locker room, she was preparing I think for doubles, and I told her, like, You inspired me. She played before me. I was watching her game, waiting for my match. I said, like, Thanks, you inspire me. We are good girls today.

Q. Is there sort of a youth movement coming up now?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: Yeah, they better watch out. We are coming.

Q. Are you practicing in Kazakhstan?

Q. You moved from Russia to Kazakhstan, right?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: No, I still have my home and my family in Moscow. But most of the times I'm coming like to practice there, so the kids can see me and see, improve their games, guide them.
Now I'm the No. 1 in the country, so I'm trying to be more often there for like to help the kids and to help the country also.

Q. Do you think she played her best today? Was there anything about her game today that she didn't have it or do you think you simply outplayed her?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: I don't know. It was like my second match already. Before it was the same thing. Like she's not that aggressive. And it was like better for me. But sometimes was difficult because she's, like, running so good and getting all the balls. And I was like getting tired trying to win the ball, yeah.
I don't know. She played well. But sometimes like up and down. Like me, too. Sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days.

Q. What has changed for you this year? It seems as though you're getting better results this year.
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: Because I move to Kazakhstan, the Federation, they help, like help us to Fed Cup team. They took, like, tennis coach and fitness coach from Poland, and they travel with us. They pay all expenses. They work all the time with us, help us a lot.
I think this improving also.

Q. When did you move to Kazakhstan?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: I was thinking like last year, like to move somewhere because I was like coming up and start to improving my game. In Russia was difficult to practice, difficult, because I was like 15 in the country in the WTA ranking, and it was like Federation didn't help. I don't have opportunity to play Fed Cups, maybe Olympics.
Kazakhstan like came to me and ask me if I want to represent Kazakhstan. I said, Yeah, why not? Because I always wanted to represent a country and play Olympics, play Fed Cups, because I love team competitions. And I was like so happy for my change.

Q. Do you have ties to Kazakhstan otherwise? Do you have a connection to Kazakhstan before?
YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA: No. Because I born in USSR, it was one country before. They have like international rule when country splits, it's mean like if you born in previous country, you become like resident of each parts was split, and you can change your passport.
Because I born in Moscow, I just become Russian. So I had the chance to change once, like Likhovtseva, she was born in Kazakhstan, she changed her passport to Russian. It was like before.

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