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September 3, 2009

Lorie Kane


Q. A bit of survival out there for you today?
LORIE KANE: Yeah, as I said, I thought I felt pretty good getting started, my nice couple of birdies in the first couple of holes. And I didn't feel bad; I didn't drive it as well as I would have liked, and definitely the putter kind of went. And the wind, I mean, it will pull you up out of shots, which it did for me today.
So, lots of room to improve for sure.

Q. What do you look at for tomorrow? What do you need to do -- keep practicing again?
LORIE KANE: I think I need to just keep doing what I'm doing. I did make some very good shots. I didn't make any putts. I missed two this long, so I make those, I'm 2-over par instead of 4-over par, and then maybe some momentum changes and I get the ball to the hole.
I gave myself some chances, so that's the positive things and we'll go and spend some time on the green and try to get this feed down a little bit better. Tomorrow morning it will be cooler I'm sure and I'll have to go out and play some golf.

Q. Would the wind affect the putts maybe even standing over the ball?
LORIE KANE: The two short putter putts did I miss, the wind did gust, not to use that as an excuse, but I should have backed off and I didn't. Particularly on the par 3, No. 11, which is right out there in the open, and then on No. 7, I missed a short putter one there, too. The cups were just kind of tilted a little bit, and the grass, they are quick, so there's not a lot of grass around the holes. You know, it got a little bumpy like I said.

Q. You've been such a great supporter of this event over the years, but are you still able to enjoy yourself when you're not having the round you would like when you're out there?
LORIE KANE: For sure, I'm working, and it's part of what I do. But the support I have from CN and the Canadian fans is unbelievable, and if I can't enjoy that, then I probably shouldn't be doing what I'm doing.

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