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September 3, 2009

Louise Stahle


Q. Can you just talk about your round, it seemed like good conditions and you seemed pretty comfortable coming in on 18.
LOUISE STAHLE: Yeah, very good conditions. The golf course is in good shape, and I felt good. I felt very calm out there.

Q. What is setting up well for you and is there anything different than you've been doing all year?
LOUISE STAHLE: No, just trying to keep it solid. I've been practicing kind of hard the last couple of days. I felt a little rusty and I didn't feel like I was trained enough. So I didn't play very well. But it's starting to come back together, yeah.

Q. What aspects of this course suit your eye right now?
LOUISE STAHLE: Well, I've been putting well today, so I see the green. I see the lines on the greens.
But no, it's a great course. But I think overall, you know, Canada, I'm staying in private housing, it's really wonderful. The mom is taking care of us, and overall, it's a nice week. People are friendly and I like it here.

Q. And looking ahead to tomorrow, right now you're runner-up, but you're still easily within striking distance of the lead. What kind of a confidence booster is that?
LOUISE STAHLE: This is a good start for me. Solid and three more days, so just trying to keep it solid the next couple of rounds.
But this was definitely -- I needed this for my confidence. I know I have it. It's just, you know, trying to be solid the whole round and not just some part of it. So this was good.

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