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September 1, 2009

Melanie Oudin


M. OUDIN/A. Pavlyuchenkova
6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. So many career achievements, Wimbledon, career-high ranking. Where would you put this first US Open victory?
MELANIE OUDIN: Very exciting. I still put Wimbledon I think above this, but I'm hoping to top that while I'm here. Just playing my game, and hope to win some more matches.

Q. During today's match, I noticed several routine shots down the line for winners. You're pumping your fist, yelling, Come on. There were some other truly more dramatic moments where you're almost sort of icy cold, stone face. Why emotions on some shots and others that truly are dramatic you seem to be sort of in a different place?
MELANIE OUDIN: Sometimes it depends on what the score is in the match or what I'm feeling or -- um, you know, I started off the match really well, and I was just trying to stay focused. I think I stayed extremely focused today, and I think that's what helped me a lot.
I didn't give her a lot of free points. I made her play every single point. I think that's what really helped me today.

Q. Does it freak you out a little bit the notion that you are the third-highest ranked American woman right now?
MELANIE OUDIN: It does. When I found that out -- someone told me before I actually found out, and I couldn't believe it. It was like Serena, Venus, and then me as the -- and, I mean, I've idolized them since I was little, and I still do. You know, they're the best players out there, I think, right now.
So yes, it's pretty crazy. But, you know, I mean, I know I've worked hard, and I'm really happy to be called the third best American.

Q. You and Anastasia were contemporaries as juniors, but you only played once here in '07. What was your game plan going in? I noticed the result today was almost the exact opposite what it was a two years ago.
MELANIE OUDIN: It was actually really funny, because I played her on grandstand I think two or three years ago. I was the wildcard and she was the No. 1 seed, so a little bit of a difference there when here we're both unseeded in the US Open.
I thought that I might have a little bit of an advantage with the crowd supporting me, which it did help a lot today. They were extremely supportive. But, you know, we both have played a lot and both have changed a lot since a couple years ago, so I knew it was going to be a tough match. She's a great player.

Q. Can you talk about your preparation in the summer? What you've been working on coming into this tournament?
MELANIE OUDIN: After Wimbledon I wanted to -- at Wimbledon I said I wanted to work on my serve and some of my backhand, getting that more of a strength, and just getting fitter and quicker and stronger. A little bit of everything. I know I can improve everything in my game.
So just, you know, the hardcourt season, I've just been working really hard. Past two weeks I've just been training and just getting my body healthy so I can be 100% for here.

Q. Your dad is your coach?
MELANIE OUDIN: No, my coach is Brian de Villiers. My dad is also here, though.

Q. There has been a lot of talk lately about twins in tennis. Obviously with Patrick McEnroe and now Roger with the twins. You have a twin sister.

Q. What happened here, that you rose to this level? She plays high school tennis? Were you rivals as young kids?
MELANIE OUDIN: We were in school, and in a little bit of tennis, but she's always had a different goal than me. I mean, ever since we've been little we've been totally different. I've always wanted to be a pro tennis player and she's always wanted to be an obstetrician since we were little. That hasn't changed.
I mean, she went one way and I went the other way, and we both support each other. I think it's actually good for us that we don't have to compete with each other and we can just be happy.

Q. How are you similar and how are you different?
MELANIE OUDIN: I do not know many ways that we are similar. We are so different. Nothing about us is alike at all. Nothing. She looks total opposite than me. We don't even look like sisters, and then the way we act -- I mean, she's a really nice girl, and I just don't know many like similar things. We both like tennis. I mean, you know.
But I think I like it a little bit more than she does. She's happier taking the college route scholarship, and I wanted to do better things with it.

Q. Seemed like in that last game you kind of struggled a little bit on the first serve, and then you ended it on an ace.

Q. How did that feel?
MELANIE OUDIN: It felt really good, because I wasn't able to make a first serve on the deuce points, and I finally did on her advantages, but wasn't going -- you know, because I needed the deuce point.
But, yeah, hitting ace, I don't think I've ever done that. Maybe one time in a match, so that was big. I was really happy with that.

Q. Have you had any preliminary conversations with?
Mary Joe, about the next Fed Cup match? Are you expecting to be there, or do you think maybe Venus or Serena will say, Hey we're up now?
MELANIE OUDIN: I haven't talked to her about Fed Cup. I think she's going to choose the best players, best team, when it comes around, which isn't until November. So, you know, anything can happen.
But, yeah, I would love to be on the team again. But whether or not, you know, I get to be on the team, I'm sure she's going to choose the best team.

Q. Will be okay if suddenly Venus and Serena want to play, or do you feel like you've earned the right given how you've played this year?
MELANIE OUDIN: Well, you know, I think Venus and Serena are the best players, you know, and if we want to win, we want the best players. I know that's what Mary Joe is going to pick.
So, I mean, it probably would be a little bit disappointment if I didn't get to be on the team, but then I know that I've helped them get to the finals. And if they win it, then I would have helped to win. So, I mean, that's all I can ask for.

Q. Is your coach here with you at the tournament, traveling?

Q. What did he say to you after the match?
MELANIE OUDIN: He said, Good job. He was very happy with the way I played today.

Q. Any talk about what you need to do in the next match yet? When do you have that discussion?
MELANIE OUDIN: Probably I think -- I might probably watch Elena later today. Camille Pin, she plays Camille Pin. Yeah, I'll watch that later. We'll probably talk about the match for Thursday.

Q. How's your leg?
MELANIE OUDIN: It's good. It's good. It's much better. Still -- I mean, I need to keep the tape on it just for precaution and stuff, but it's better.

Q. Coming out of Wimbledon you had a lot of additional attention that you haven't had before. Are you feeling extra pressure now because you have so much attention on?
MELANIE OUDIN: Not really. I wanted to play tennis, so basically -- when people say good things or bad things about me, doesn't really affect me that much, because I just like going out there and playing my game and doing my best and see what happens.

Q. And the viewing parties they're having in Atlanta for you now?
MELANIE OUDIN: I don't know if they had any today, but maybe if I get to further rounds in the tournament, they might have a couple.

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