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August 31, 2009

Alexa Glatch


6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When you saw the draw and you were slated to play your opponent, what went through your mind?
ALEXA GLATCH: Um, initially I was a little surprised. Of course, playing Serena first round isn't the best draw you could possibly have, but I was excited, looking forward to the opportunity.
You know, it was a good chance for me, so I wasn't totally upset. I was pretty excited.

Q. But you'd think you could go and winning this thing?
ALEXA GLATCH: Sure. Why not?

Q. Were you nervous at all?
ALEXA GLATCH: Yeah, I was nervous, of course.

Q. How did you contain your nervousness?
ALEXA GLATCH: Well, I mean, you just try not to think about the occasion. You just kind of pretend it's just any other court, you're playing against any other opponent.
But it's very hard to do, especially probably playing my first time out in the biggest stadium there is. It was pretty cool walking out there, I must say. Hopefully I'll play out there many more times.

Q. What's the status of the Fed Cup situation? Are you definitely going to play? Is it up in the air?
ALEXA GLATCH: I don't know. Mary Joe hasn't picked the team yet. Of course if she asked me to play I'd be there in a heartbeat. It's her call, and she'll probably make that decision a few weeks before, just depending on, you know, who's playing good tennis at the time and who she wants on that team.

Q. When the match was over, did Serena offer you encouragement as a fellow -- not too many Americans at this point. I don't think many people can name players whose last name isn't Williams at this point.
ALEXA GLATCH: Serena is a great competitor. She didn't say much after the match, but she's always very nice. You know, I have a lot of respect for her. I like watching her on TV. She's probably one of my favorite players. It was pretty cool to get to play against her.

Q. Talk about the force of her shots, her forehand when she leans into it, and her serve?
ALEXA GLATCH: Yeah, she can really step into a ball, that's for sure. I mean, out there today it was a little windy. The ball seemed to be floating a little bit. It was tricky at times, actually. The wind was blowing one way, but, I mean, she played well.
I mean, when she steps into it, she can probably hit bigger than any other girl on the tour.

Q. How does feel on your hand when she...
ALEXA GLATCH: You just got to be ready. Just got to be -- got to be ready. That's all.

Q. I don't have the media guide, but where is home for you? Are you in school and not playing?
ALEXA GLATCH: Home for me is in Newport Beach, California, so I'm just out here playing full time on the tour now. Finished high school a couple years ago, two years ago maybe.

Q. You did well, because the first set was close: 6-4. It wasn't that bad. You should feel pretty good about yourself. I would. I mean, facing Serena, I would feel very good.
ALEXA GLATCH: Yeah, I mean, it's tough. I mean, I didn't play my best tennis, that's for sure. You know, I thought I could have done a little better than I did, but, you know, it's not easy playing on a big stage like that.
You know, I haven't had the best summer so far, so it's kind of tough.

Q. So how will you improve it? You said you haven't been playing the best. How would you improve your game?
ALEXA GLATCH: Well, it's just been kind of tough with injuries and stuff. I haven't played -- I've really missed the whole summer hardcourt season. I haven't played a match in a couple of weeks, and I haven't been able to practice as much as I would have liked to, either.
You know, just the preparation wasn't what I would have liked it to be. But, you know, hopefully in the future, with a lot of hard work, you know, I can get back here and, you know, really show everyone what I can do.

Q. And kick some butt?
ALEXA GLATCH: Yeah, exactly.

Q. Back to the OC after this for a little rest and relaxation?
ALEXA GLATCH: I'm actually scheduled to play an indoor tournament in Quebec City, and then I'm going to play a couple tournaments in Asia, maybe one in Moscow. That's it for the year.

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