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August 30, 2009

Gary Orr


Q. Level par through six holes and then you made eight birdies in the text in ten. What's going through your mind in a run like that?
GARY ORR: I started off pretty well. I made a couple of birdies early on and I hit a 4-iron into the hazard at the 5th, so I double-bogeyed there.
Then I actually got on a run through 7, 8, 9, six in a row I think I made at one point. So try to keep the momentum going really and make as many birdies as I could.

Q. Was there a time, you thought, post a number, and just maybe?
GARY ORR: I looked at the board, it's hard to see what the winning score is going to be obviously. I thought if I could get past ten or 11, maybe, you just never know if the wind picked up a little bit but just a case of trying to make as many birdies as I could.

Q. With conditions as they are, what should we expect the leaders to shoot around the back nine?
GARY ORR: There's a couple of tricky holes, as well. The tee is back on the 12th hole today, so that's a different hole. It's difficult to know but somebody could make a few birdies but it's very difficult to say.

Q. Coming to this week, 83rd in the rankings, Race to Dubai, obviously this cheque will get you a long way towards the top 60; is that a big goal?
GARY ORR: I'd love to be there. Obviously it's the first time they have held the tournament so I'd love to be there and hopefully I can kick on from here and play some decent golf.

Q. Details?
GARY ORR: Second was just short in two and chipped up fairly close, four feet.
3 was a 5-iron to 15 feet maybe.
Double-bogeyed the 5th in the hazard there and birdied 7 with a 5-iron just behind the flag, eight feet.
Next hole I think I hit a 9-iron in, 8, quite close again, about eight feet.
9, just short in two, chipped and putted.
10, hit a little 5-iron into ten feet.
11, hit a wedge in to 15 feet maybe.
Chipped in at 12 from about 20 yards short of the green.
14, I hit it very close, two or three feet.
16, I holed for quite a long putt there, it was actually probably 30 feet at least. It was a nice run.

Q. A little bit of excitement when you got through 12.
GARY ORR: Once you get on a little roll, you just think to try to keep it going really. It's nice trying to make as birdies as I could. Really.

Q. Best round for how long?
GARY ORR: Trying to think really, I can't remember. I had a good round at The Open Qualifying, I shot 63 around Sunningdale.

Q. Players have been complaining about the greens the first three days but a lot of birdies going in today?
GARY ORR: Obviously less traffic going through them. The greens are all right until people start trudging about on them. They just get bumpy with the foot marks because they are so soft, so obviously less traffic and they roll a wee bit better.

Q. Have you had that run of birdies before, six?
GARY ORR: I don't know. I've done things -- I've had a lot of runs. I've often done things like that.

Q. Woburn you must have had some.
GARY ORR: I shot 62, I must have done something like that. I don't think I've made six in a row before, and a good chance on 13 actually and I missed that and birdied.

Q. Race to Dubai, Dubai World Championship is obviously a big target now.
GARY ORR: I'm within reasonable shape for that now so hopefully I can play some decent golf. I've been playing well this year and I've been consistent, so when I was swinging it poorly at the start of the swing, Hunter, my coach was up, and he's helped me a lot this week so thanks to him really.

Q. Performance of several of the Scots this week have --
GARY ORR: You can only take care of your own game. If you want to start looking at wider things, you can only play your own game.
Obviously it's nice to see other Scots doing well and hopefully that will start to happen but again, that can quite often happen where guys do well and other guys do well, you quite often see that. Hopefully that will be the case.

Q. The Irish had three consecutive wins.
GARY ORR: Yeah, you see that, past.

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