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August 30, 2009

Paul Lawrie


Q. Hung in there as long as you could.
PAUL LAWRIE: Again today was very similar to yesterday. It was the most I could have shot. I played extremely good again. The only shot I hit off line really was 18 and it's the only shot I hit off line all week with 18. I did well to make a five, so overall, I think if you're third, it's a good week. It's another solid week of ball-striking.
But again I think this week it was the worst I could have finished was 10-under, that's how I see it. Again today I've had really two short misses with the ball Bobbing over the green and I've had two shots rolling over the pin and they are five yards long and you've made bogey off of both. These are hard to take.

Q. You had a chance at 16 for eagle?
PAUL LAWRIE: I hit a beautiful rescue in there to 12 feet and again just didn't break. With the weather if you get one bobble, it's not going to go in, you have to get lucky almost really.
Peter played fantastic, played really solid, kept in play all day. I haven't played with him for a long time and he used to draw the ball quite a lot. He's got a little cut going now to keep it in play, so very worthy winner I thought today. He played really well.

Q. What does this do for the confidence, four good days in a row?
PAUL LAWRIE: I had four good ball-striking days last week, so we are now two events in a row where I've hit it like I want to hit it, and I think it was extremely close this week. I don't think it was three shots the way I played, but you know, I'm happy enough with third but could have easily won in my mind. But that's not taking away from Peter because he played fantastic out there.

Q. You said that you believed that you're close to getting that win again; is this reinforceable?
PAUL LAWRIE: I could have easily won this week. I wouldn't have taken -- it's a fine line, golf, as you know and this week it was just incredibly fine between winning and finishing third. So we are getting much closer.

Q. Schedule from here?
PAUL LAWRIE: I've got a press versus sponsors match tomorrow which I'm having to play in that. So I'm now playing for my team, my foundation team against you boys, so looking forward to that, and then I've got next week off but I've got a couple of things on. I'm not playing Switzerland. We have our new Junior Jug Final at Dundonald on Saturday that all of the finalists are playing in and then I'll play Mercedes-Benz and Austria is the next.

Q. A jump toward The Race to Dubai?
PAUL LAWRIE: I imagine it would be. I haven't looked. I don't know what I was before today but I don't know where that will go. We are getting close.

Q. Closer to The Ryder Cup points starting.
PAUL LAWRIE: Next week. I feel the things I'm working on and the way my game is, I think I've got a real chance at making that team, so you have got to think that in your head. So I'll just keep going.

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