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August 30, 2009

Ernie Els


Q. Obviously a great round today. Talk about what it was like out there.
ERNIE ELS: It was good. I had some fun. I didn't make any bogeys. I would have taken this finish, although I didn't win, I would have taken this finish after my start. I was four over for the tournament after four holes in the first round. I was looking at probably missing the cut.
So to get all the way back, almost have a chance of winning, it's quite nice. From where I've come from, where my game has been, where my confidence has been, this is moving in the right direction.

Q. You mentioned you thought maybe 65 was the number today.
ERNIE ELS: I said before we started, "Let's just shoot 65. Whatever happens, let's just shoot a 65 for our own good." So we came close to that. I had a few chances.
I really liked the way I played today. I was in control. Even my emotions were a bit more in control, so...

Q. What hole did your driver crack on in?
ERNIE ELS: It was yesterday. The front nine, the whole front nine, the bloody thing didn't sound good. I guess there was a little fracture in it. On the 12th tee, I saw the ball, it didn't go anywhere. I looked at the club, and the whole thing was just gone.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
ERNIE ELS: I think just start getting a strategy. Some holes I didn't play well. There was another hole I played three over for the week. No. 10, I was three over for the week. Those holes probably kind of cost me.
5, water left, small fairway, bounce to the right. You know, to be honest, the golf course was very fair. It was very fair in the setup, which I really like. You know, I think they should play this thing every year. It's great for the fans. It's got a great clubhouse. You know, it's unique. It's just a wonderful place to play golf.
I can compare it to the links in South Africa where we played The Presidents Cup. It's a little bit like that.

Q. Is it a matter of figuring it out a little bit over a week?
ERNIE ELS: Exactly. As I said, you start hitting shots off the tees, you start finding places where you feel comfortable. Next year, whenever we come back, I think the numbers will be lower because it was very soft.

Q. Putter was swinging freely.
ERNIE ELS: I think I just felt awkward. Even at the PGA. I looked awkward. You know, it feels like it's swinging a little better. Just got to keep going better from there.

Q. Did you do that putter change after the PGA?
ERNIE ELS: Yeah. I kind of had a chat with Ricky. You also said you look like a man that shouldn't be putting (laughter). We'll take it from there.

Q. You laid up on 16. Would you do that differently now?
ERNIE ELS: This new driver that I used, it's a different shaft. The ball seems to go right quite easily.

Q. What do you normally hit?
ERNIE ELS: I have a Fujikura shaft. The guys have been trying to get me (indiscernible). I used it today, played my lowest round with it. Maybe I should stick with it. I don't know. I didn't feel comfortable on the left-to-right greens.

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