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August 29, 2009

Paul Lawrie


SCOTT CROCKETT: Thank you for coming in and joining us, as always. A tough day out there for you, a tough day out there for everyone. The good news is you're very much still in the tournament going into the last day. Just give us your thoughts on today out there.
PAUL LAWRIE: Overall, I thought it was a very tough day, toughest day of the week so far, for me. Wind was blowing extremely hard. And it was changing direction quite a bit out there, which made club selection quite difficult. We got quite a few wrong today, because it just kept dropping and changing so that was hard.
Could have easily been a couple under after five, and was 1-over. I hit three really good shots at the first three holes, lipped out with two of them, serious lipouts too, I mean. I hit a good shot at 5 and made a bogey. That shot was right down the pin, made a hard bounce and made bogey, and so you find yourself 1-over from not hitting a poor shot. But obviously that's golf and that's what happens. Overall, 1-over, played a lot better than that, but that's the score you get.
SCOTT CROCKETT: A little wobble on 15, 16, but a very good putt on 17 to keep it right there.
PAUL LAWRIE: Well, 17 was important because I knew Peter had finished at eight, and you want to be the last game on Sunday. I wanted to birdie the last and hit a lovely putt there and it just creeped in the edge.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Your thoughts on tomorrow going into tomorrow just one behind now instead of in front.
PAUL LAWRIE: Looking forward to it, again, slept really well last night, didn't have a problem, and played good I thought early on today. Very much looking forward to playing with Peter. He's been having a couple of good weeks. He got beat in a playoff last week and he's obviously on form and looking forward to the challenge.

Q. How do you feel your form is?
PAUL LAWRIE: I feel good. I was extremely disappointed at 15 and 16 today. That's the only time this week where I've hit shots that I really haven't been happy with. 15 I hit a beautiful drive, way down there. I hit 9-iron in there and hit is in the right-hand bunker and hit a lovely bunker shot and missed about three feet.
16, I only had 130 to the pin there and hit a little chip on the iron and hit the worst shot you've ever seen, hit in the bunker right there. Apart from those two holes, you take them away, I think again, I've been in total control of my golf game. So looking forward to it tomorrow.

Q. Do you prefer being in the lead or coming from behind?
PAUL LAWRIE: No, I would think you always want to be ahead. I never see it anyway, which way is better. I think the final group is important, so you know what the guy is doing that you're playing with. But one ahead or one behind, I don't think it makes any difference really.

Q. When was the last time you had the lead going into the final day?
PAUL LAWRIE: Portugal last year, I was in the last group. So no, I was second-last group. I don't know.

Q. Are the boys here with you?
PAUL LAWRIE: No, they are both playing in the Lytham Junior Open tomorrow, they are. They both stopped playing football now so they are both full-time golfers. So they are not going to pass up a chance of getting a handicap back from the Junior Open, so they will be playing there. Quite right, too.

Q. Do they go to school?
PAUL LAWRIE: They do go to school. But they are full-time golfers as in they don't do any other sports, is what I meant, Mark. (Laughing)

Q. (Regarding the greens).
PAUL LAWRIE: No, I think no matter where you'd played this week, would you have struggled with greens with the amount of rain. I don't think anywhere would have been able to have any other greens but soft greens with that amount of rain. They are obviously soft. They are bumpy. But I would put it down to the weather this week, as opposed to the actual surface of the greens, personally.
Everyone has been on them before we played today and everyone will be on them tomorrow before we get on the first green. It will be the same thing. You just need to try to be patient with them.

Q. What do you think your score could have been?
PAUL LAWRIE: Well, I've given away two or three, so 70 would be fair, 71 at a push, but I understand that's not what golf is. My score is 73 and that's what goes on the card.

Q. Are you playing as well this week as last?
PAUL LAWRIE: Ball-striking-wise, I would have said I played better last week than this week. I played real good last week and had so many putts, so many it was unbelievable.
This week, it's close. We are starting to -- that's two weeks in a row now where I'm kind of happy with the way I've been playing. Should have finished Top-5 at worse and the finished 23rdm so that kind of tells you how that was scoring-wise. But no, no, this week's been pretty good.

Q. What did you play on 15?
PAUL LAWRIE: No, 15 we had 168 to the pin and I was just trying to hit a full 9-iron and just kind of got a wee bit ahead of it on the way down, so a wee bit technical I suppose there.
And 16, we only had 131 to the pin. It was blowing quite hard when we were talking about what club it was and we were going to hit a low 9-iron, but that wasn't going to get there, so I tried to chip a little 8 and the wind sort of died a wee bit and it was just a bit of a cock-up to be fair. But these things happen, not much you can do about it.

Q. Have you spoken to Bob?
PAUL LAWRIE: I haven't spoke to him this week at all, no. I've really not had any reason to. I know what I'm doing. I know the things I need to work on to get better. And I suppose the good thing today is that I've hit a couple of shots that have been a little ropey, so still got some work to do on bits and pieces.

Q. Did you go home this week?
PAUL LAWRIE: No, I stayed down this week. I nearly went home on Friday when I was -- when I knew I was going to be late off on the Saturday, but no, I just need to stay.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Good luck tomorrow.

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