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August 29, 2009

Tiger Woods


Q. Can you talk about the par saves?
TIGER WOODS: 13, I obviously hit a terrible second shot in there and was caught between clubs. I was trying to hit a soft -- take something off of 3 and hit it up in the air, cut it off of a downhill hook lie. In hindsight, probably should have just swooped a 4 in there, you have so much room to the right you can miss it 40 yards right of the green and have an easy shot but hit a terrible golf shot there, about a foot fat and hit a 5-iron up there to about ten feet and made it which was nice. Didn't want to drop a shot there.
18, is an awkward hole for me, playing the tee up, driver is too much club and I've got to take something off the driver or 3-wood, I'm still going to leave myself a long iron in there. It's a very awkward tee shot for me. Unfortunately I've hit three poor tee shots in a row and made two pars out of the three.

Q. How important was it to keep it going on 18?
TIGER WOODS: It was important because the guys, where the tees are, they are playing the ladies tees most of the day. The guys can run away with it if they really play well coming in. I had to hit 3-wood at 13 there off the tee on the par 5, and if the wind had not switched on 16, I could have gotten there.
They have the tees up again on 17, the tee is up on 18 and most of the tees are just up. If the guys get going coming in, they can kind of run away with it. But the par on 18 at least kept me within reach so far.

Q. Is this the least you've ever gotten out of a round?
TIGER WOODS: I would say so, yeah. It was just one of those things where I was playing well but these greens are just -- they are just so different. It's not too often where you have, as I was saying out there, about half your putts were double-breaking putts. You're hitting in there ten feet, 12 feet, 15 feet and they are double-breaking putts all the time. A lot of movement there.

Q. Most of them you go by memory anyway.
TIGER WOODS: A lot of greens I do, absolutely. I do have a thing for remembering putts, but here, we as professionals play all around the world and we are used to playing a golf course for the first time but we've never played a golf course with this much movement.

Q. Your frustration for the first two days was mostly the putting?
TIGER WOODS: I played great. I drove it great all week. I've hit my irons really well. And I just haven't made anything. It's not like I've hit bad putts. They are just not going in.

Q. Do these greens have as much break as any you've played?
TIGER WOODS: The only other golf course we've seen anything like this is maybe Fancourt but that's match play, who really cares if it's match play. But when you're playing stroke play, it's two totally different deals.

Q. Right now, you've cut it in half, the lead, from eight to four. What would be striking distance?
TIGER WOODS: Well, I guess anything seven or less.

Q. Given some of the concerns about the golf course and how difficult it was coming in, the TOUR seems to have kind of geared back a little bit. Do you sense that they have sort of down-throttled on the setup?
TIGER WOODS: The tees are way up, I mean, geez, they are so far up there. It's just unbelievable how short the golf course is playing.
I was telling Stevie, this is a day where if you're playing a good round, we can get up there in that lead, because I thought if anything, today would be the day they play it back because we have ball in hand, who cares. But they played even further up today.

Q. How much, 300, 400 yards?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely.

Q. When is the last time you had Stevie helping you read the greens, bringing in the second set of eyes?
TIGER WOODS: I don't think I have. Usually I read greens on my own and feel very comfortable with my reads but here, like I said, a lot of the putts are double-breaking putts. I'll ask him, and with my speed, is it going to move or not. And in the middle of the putt, what do you see it doing and things like that. It's just so different here.

Q. 16 appeared to be one of the more frustrating holes -- 15, sorry.
TIGER WOODS: I thought that putt would break left and it was inside right and then it moved back to the right. As I said, I didn't see that at all. A lot of putts were like that.
The eagle putt that I hit there, what was it, 6, that was a good putt. That was a really good putt. Even Zach, I could hear Zach telling Damon, he couldn't believe it actually broke up the hill. These greens are just different.

Q. Can you think of any that you misread?

Q. You said the course was interesting; over the three rounds what have you found interesting about it specifically?
TIGER WOODS: Just the greens, the greens are so different. Yeah, the pin locations are fine. They are a little bit difficult, but then again, the greens are soft. You can get after them. You just can't miss it on the short-side here. You miss on the short-side, pretty much a hot old bogey.
But you know, overall, as I said, I don't think we've ever played greens with this much movement. They are just, as I said, they are just very different that way.

Q. 2, short-side?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that was a terrible golf shot in there. Luckily I had a good lie where I could actually put a little bit of spin on there. And I hit a good bunker shot there and went eight feet by but that was as good as I could do. That was a good putt that was just inside the hole.

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