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August 28, 2009

Jill Craybas

Lisa Raymond


6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What made them so tough?
LISA RAYMOND: Well, if you look at their record for the year, they're a very good team. They're in I don't know how many finals, but they've won four tournaments already, won some big ones.
When you play a team that's played every week, they obviously know each other, they have set plays, they go I every play, which is something that's different. Most teams don't do that.
They played well today.
JILL CRAYBAS: They had a lot of confidence. They've had a lot of confidence because they've had such good results. I think they served well today.

Q. Jill, do you consider this kind of almost a hometown tournament? Far away from home, but you get a lot of family and friends here?
JILL CRAYBAS: Yeah, my family couldn't come today. My parents have been coming down. Yeah, I know a lot of people because it's so close. There aren't many tennis players from Rhode Island. When people hear I'm from Rhode Island, they get really excited. There's a lot of people in the stands that are from Rhode Island that are close by, so it's really nice. It feels close to home, yeah.

Q. How long have you partnered up?
LISA RAYMOND: Third match.
JILL CRAYBAS: Third match.

Q. How did that come about?
LISA RAYMOND: We have the same coach. We're good friends. My partner for the last few months has been out with injury. I've been struggling, just trying to find partners all summer. I was fortunate enough that Jill was --
JILL CRAYBAS: -- in between partners.
LISA RAYMOND: Right. It was kind of a last-minute thing. I thought I was going to be playing with my partner. She was still hurt. I was fortunate Jill was still available. It was great.

Q. How long does it take to find a rhythm together?
LISA RAYMOND: It definitely takes a while. We're lucky in the fact that we actually -- we've practiced together a lot because we do have the same coach. But it's definitely different on a doubles court and in a doubles match.
So, you know, I think we played well together actually, considering it was our first tournament. Like I said, a team like today, we certainly had chances. We were up that break in the first. We lost a couple 3-all points. They're a very, very solid team.

Q. Are you going to play the Open, as well?
JILL CRAYBAS: I had already partnered up with somebody else, yeah, so.

Q. Talk about what it was like playing in the indoor facility.
LISA RAYMOND: It's beautiful.
JILL CRAYBAS: It's a really nice facility.
LISA RAYMOND: The courts are great surface.
JILL CRAYBAS: They're very similar to outside courts as far as speed-wise and stuff like that. It wasn't that different. I mean, both of us feel pretty comfortable indoors, growing up in the Northeast. It was fine for us. I mean, it was a great move I think to go indoors today, especially with the weather.
LISA RAYMOND: Absolutely.

Q. Do you like coming here? You've had success here.
LISA RAYMOND: I love this tournament. Again, I don't even know how many times I've been here. Always played well. Singles. Won the doubles a few times. Anne and I go back a long ways. She's a phenomenal tournament director. Anything I can do for Anne, I do. But everyone surrounding the tournament, the players services, everybody is so helpful. It's a no-brainer to come here and play before the Open. The courts are similar. It's close. Just get in your car and drive to the New York. It's great. They're super nice. Hopefully I'll be back.

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