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August 28, 2009

Ian Poulter


Q. Happy to be on the leaderboard?
IAN POULTER: Pretty happy. It was brutally tough when the rain started and the wind picked up but hung in there. A little disappointed with two of the par 5s to make bogey, that was a little bit careless and frustrating. But all in all, a decent day to be 3-under par after two days.
I want to play as perfect as I possibly can, but I have to look at the two par 5s. I went into one of them with pitching wedge, kind of got a bit of a wet fly and flew over the back of the green and made bogey. The other one, I didn't up-and-down from what I would have considered an easy up-and-down. Two frustrating bogeys but on the other hand I made a few good saves out there today, putts from sort of 8 and ten feet which I managed to hole.

Q. What's the most important one?
IAN POULTER: There was two back-to-back to be honest with you, which would have been 14 and 15. Sorry, 15 and 16.
15 was from about seven feet. I hit my first putt seven feet by. Good to hole that one coming back, and then probably eight or nine feet, may even have been ten feet from just off the fringe on 16.

Q. How do you get yourself into position?
IAN POULTER: I had 90 yards to the pin, soft sand iron, hit it long left in the bunker, poor bunker shot 8- to 10- and holed that. So that would have been a bit careless really to make two bogeys from those situations.

Q. What's so tough about the conditions today?
IAN POULTER: Wet and windy. Long. Tee boxes were -- like for instance, the last, granted, I've hit a poor tee shot it's gone a little bit left, but I've hit my best 3-wood and I had 220 yards to the front of the green and my best 3-wood come up ten yards short. So a 3-wood which would normally fly 250, 260 and this has gone 210 yards. That's how tough it was playing.

Q. How was the course itself? I know the conditions were bad, but how do you think the course itself held up?
IAN POULTER: It held up pretty good. It's taken a lot of rain today. It's obviously going to take some more this afternoon. So it's in great shape.

Q. Have you ever been at a tougher course at a regular TOUR event in a while, stock PGA TOUR event?
IAN POULTER: It was brutally tough with some tee boxes up today. I mean, 18 was three tee boxes up, and that still played driver, 3-wood. Pat hit driver, 3-wood, two good shots as he's hit and still 25 feet short of the pin, and that's with moving that tee box. There were a couple of holes where they were forward, maybe not quite as forward as we needed them.
So no, that out there today was as tough as any course we will play all year.

Q. The actual --
IAN POULTER: The actual, I'm not sure from that tee box to be honest. 35 yards off it's number I guess.

Q. You've played longer courses, there are longer courses.
IAN POULTER: There are.

Q. Where does the difficulty come in here?
IAN POULTER: There's a few run-offs and I think the greens aren't overly big, and you've got quite -- for the undulations around the edges of the green.
When you look at the pin positions, kind of giving yourself 20-foot around the pin is perfect; while you're 210 yards with out with the wind howling and raining, if you miss on the wrong side, you have no chip shot, even if the greens manage to spin.

Q. Did you have anything other weather-related unusual club selections?
IAN POULTER: Not unusual for the actual yardages, but yeah, I went into two other par 4s with utility, and that's unusual when it's a hole that you don't think should be playing driver, utility.

Q. What hole?
IAN POULTER: 15, I hit it in the right-hand bunker. I had to hit utility out of the bunker to get it 25 feet past the pin.

Q. Is it just a matter of enduring it?
IAN POULTER: It's the same for everybody, isn't it, so you have to just get out there and keep going. When you look at the leaderboard and see guys dropping shots, I think Charley is the only one, I'm not sure what he made on 17 and 18, but he was the only one in front of me. He shot a great score to shoot 1-under par today. Anything in the red today is incredible.

Q. Is it a course that grows on you?
IAN POULTER: I like it. When Terry got here and walked the course before, he come back in and said, "I think you'll really like the golf course." I like the golf course because there are nice run-offs and you have to use a little bit of imagination.
I enjoy being up there -- on the scrambling stats, so my short game is in shape, so I don't mind missing a few greens provided they are in the right spot because I feel I am going to be able to get up-and-down. Tough golf courses when it's wet and windy like this, I feel fine.

Q. Padraig came in a few minutes ago and said he would like to see a major here at some point; thoughts?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, a few of the greens might be a tiny bit severe, and therefore, I'm sure with a little bit of changing, tweaking here and there on a couple of the holes, the third hole is very severe. But a couple of little tweaks, which I'm sure they will do in time, it's a hell of a golf course.

Q. Tell us about your experience at Yankee Stadium last night.
IAN POULTER: Not last night, the night before. That's only my second time at a baseball game. I thought it was pretty cool to go down there and see the new stadium, billion dollar stadium. Pretty cool. So that was nice.
We didn't get there till the 5th inning, traffic was pretty bad, but still pretty pumped to go and have a look around.

Q. What was the other baseball game you went to?
IAN POULTER: It was six years ago. I can't even remember. It wasn't very memorable, put it this way. I can't even remember where it was. Seriously. I was up in a box in the rafters, and literally, I couldn't see anything; so I had a hot dog and left. So it was nice to get to stay to the end, as well.

Q. Do you watch on TV?
IAN POULTER: Not an awful lot to be honest.
I understand it. I'm more into basketball than I am baseball. I go to the Magic quite often when I'm back home. I enjoy that.

Q. What impressed you the most about the stadium?
IAN POULTER: Just great atmosphere, the way it's laid out in terms of you can walk just up the steps and you can get any kind of food you want. I was very hungry, I had not had food, so I was desperate to get some food and a good old burger, chips and onion rings went down the tree.

Q. What did you think of the prices?
IAN POULTER: A little steep. They have got to pay for a billion dollar stadium, right.

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