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August 27, 2009

Charley Hoffman


Q. Round one in the books, tell us about it.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Got it to 5-under, 66 out here, that's not bad. Going into the beginning of the week I would definitely take 5-under for the first round out here. PGA TOUR did a good job setting up the course, and it's a good start to a long week.

Q. Talk to us about the setup.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: They moved the tees up on 18 which made that hole a little more accessible. All in all, as far as this golf course, the wind changes from morning to evening, so some of the tees, you push them up in the morning and then they are downwind in the afternoon.
They did a good job. Didn't play it too far back, played the par 3s up a little bit. I wouldn't say generous on the pin positions but it was set up very good.

Q. Can you talk about a different kind of style here in terms of not just the golf course but the scenery you look at as you play?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The majority of the holes it's like playing links golf and you have a view of Manhattan right in the distance and you have the view of the water and the mounding. Tom did a good job fitting everything in and putting the Statue of Liberty; it's a fun golf course to play.

Q. The Playoffs have started. Can you talk a little about the Playoffs?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's playing for a ton of cash, for one and trying to start the FedExCup started off good so you can get in THE TOUR Championship. If you get into THE TOUR Championship, you've had a pretty successful year and that's what I'm trying to do.

Q. Talk about the momentum you have coming back tomorrow morning and trying to build on it.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I had a good round today, been struggling the last few weeks. Drove it great today, which is what I was doing at the beginning of the year, driving it on the fairway and long. It's a lot easier to play golf from the middle of the fairway than in the rough.

Q. What was going right for you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I played great today. First hole out of the gate, I made a 12-footer for par and kept it going along pretty good. Made a sloppy bogey on the short par 4 and got it right back with birdies on 17 and 18 and made a good back nine. Unfortunately made bogey on the last hole and just short-sided myself, and a pin I knew I couldn't short-side myself and actually made a pretty good bogey.

Q. What are your impressions after going around for a full round?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think it played pretty good. I'm sure it's a common -- the third green is little screwed up. There's only a few spots you can put it, pretty much a blind second shot. That's the only green I think is no good out here. The rest of the golf course is playing very good, and it gives you room to drive it. You have to be precise with your irons, greens are fairly small with small quadrants, so you have to hit good iron shots.

Q. Do you pay much attention to your FedExCup ranking knowing that the way you're playing after today, shoots you up in the standings really quick?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Beginning of the week you look at where you are. When you're playing a tournament, you're trying to win a golf tournament and hopefully Sunday you move up a little bit. My goal is to stay in the Top-30, never done it in my career, and that gets you into the majors and all of the good stuff and that's where you want to be.
Just hit one bad iron shot coming in, so get that out of my minds and go have some dinner.

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