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August 23, 2009

Helen Alfredsson

Laura Davies

Diana Luna

Alison Nicholas

Suzann Pettersen


BETHAN CUTLER: Please welcome Team Europe. Thanks for joining us, everyone. You must be very disappointed. Condolences. But what a great performance. You all played some really great golf out there. Alison, could you start off talking about how you felt the entire week.
ALISON NICHOLAS: It's been a fabulous week. I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this team. They've been absolutely fantastic.
They've played their hearts out. Unfortunately the Americans birdied a few more holes than we did. But I can thank them for a great experience. They're a great bunch of girls.

Q. Alison, two singles won. How do you feel about that?
ALISON NICHOLAS: Yes, absolutely better than none. (Laughter). Good reply, good reply.
Well, the girls tried their hardest, simple as that. They gave 100, and that's all you can do. What's more to say?

Q. Diana, talk about your victory today. Congratulations.
DIANA LUNA: Thank you. What's the question?

Q. If you could just talk about your victory today.
DIANA LUNA: Of course. Well, I'm very, very glad of win my point, of course, for the team.
And of course, I'm feeling sorry that it was not enough. I would have liked every other of my teammates bring a point, as well. But of course, I'm very happy. I played very good, and it's just not happen.
But we will do great next Solheim Cup, and they will bring many, many points, as well.

Q. For anyone who would care to answer, did Christina Kim get under your skin a little at any point this week?
LAURA DAVIES: She's a lovely girl. She's excitable. That's the way it is. She's good fun. She gets the crowds going. Good luck to her.

Q. Laura, I guess the good and the bad. Your tee shot on the par-3, 13th, it looked like it was kick-in, almost an ace there. And then if you could talk to the tee shot on 17, what happened there?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, I decided two pars was -- if I parred 17 and 18, and I tried to hit a 3 -- the idea was to hit 3-iron and leave myself a better 5 or a 6-iron second shot because it's a tough hole.
And I rushed the tee shot on 17, and it was a shocker, but what can you do? I laid up, lobbed it on, two putts, but unfortunately Brittany made her par.

Q. How about the one on 13?
LAURA DAVIES: Yeah, perfect number for an 8-iron. We thought it was in, actually. It was like three or four inches away, but it went up and then it just spun away from the hole and rolled away on the deck, but it was only one hole unfortunately.

Q. Even though the end of the round didn't go the way you wanted, was there any comfort today on at least ending on better footing than the Cup started earlier in the weekend for you?
LAURA DAVIES: No, I mean, at the time it looked like I had to win that game because you could just see the ball, and I was obviously very disappointed because as it turned out -- it looked like it was going to be 6 all or 61/2 one way or another, so obviously very disappointed not to get the full point.
But now as it turns out, it wasn't that important. At the time it seemed like it was very important.

Q. Helen, you had a hard-fought match against Michelle. Can you talk about the last couple of holes and how you both played?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: I think we both played pretty well. Obviously she was 2-up very quickly -- 3-up actually, and I got it back to even.
And then, you know, she hit a driver 300 some yards on 15. I'm 44, I don't hit it that far anymore. I never did, actually. (Laughter). And I just didn't make my third shot close enough to match her birdie. And then I had a bad shot on 16, and on 17 I hit a good second shot, and we both tied on 18.
We both played pretty good. It was fun. She's probably the youngest and I'm the oldest in the field, and it was fun. She's a great player, a fantastic player.

Q. Laura, you played in all 11 of these Solheim Cups. We know all about the length of this course. Is this the toughest to stage a Solheim Cup do you think?
LAURA DAVIES: Undoubtedly, yeah. You couldn't afford anything off the fairway. I mean, even being in the fairway half the time wasn't good enough. I hit two fairways today and was directly behind trees. I'd say it's pretty tough. (Laughter).
I hit my best drive on 4 that I've ever hit, and I played the hole about 8 times, and I absolutely ripped down one there and I had to hit a 40-yard hook with a 6-iron. There's some tough holes out there, but after all, it's a great match play course and it tests every part of your game. The par-3s are brilliant; the 5s are good. It's a really hard, tough course.

Q. Suzann, how important did you feel like your first match was in terms of getting things going, and just how disappointed were you in not pulling that one off?
SUZANN PETTERSEN: Well, obviously you want to go out there and give the rest of the team some comfort in putting the blues on the board.
I got off to a pretty good start, and it came down to putting at the end. I just didn't play well enough today. Of course, it's very disappointing not to bring your point to the board because you know every point is going to count when it all comes to the very end.
But I mean, hats off to them, they made a lot of birdies today.

Q. Were you tired at all after playing all five matches?

Q. Laura, Juli said after her match that this was definitely going to be her last Solheim Cup. You two have both played in every single one of them. What has she meant to this, and how strange is it going to be to not see her in uniform in two years?
LAURA DAVIES: Obviously she'll be missed by the American team. She's an inspirational leader. The girls all love her. It doesn't matter what age she is. They all had fun because she's a fun person. Yeah, it will be strange, but the fact that she's definitely not playing makes me think that she might be the captain or something, so she might be well involved or even a vice captain first time around.
I imagine we'll see Juli in Ireland in two years' time in some capacity.

Q. I realize you probably don't have any plans to retire in the next decade or so, but have you changed your mind about being captain one day?

Q. Why not?
LAURA DAVIES: I think it's just all the agony you have to go through. Poor old Alison has been pulled forward and back this week. It looks like hard work, and I've always shied away from hard work. (Laughter).

Q. How could you resist popular demand, though?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, you just say no, don't you? It's pretty easy.

Q. Laura, you have been known to change your mind, and you do like the odd bit of agro.
LAURA DAVIES: I'm not a big fan of aggravation. No, obviously, it's a little bit irrelevant. I haven't been asked to be the captain and it's not something I aspire to do. I'd like to still be playing in Ireland. I'd like to come back to America, as ridiculous as that may sound, and do this all again. (Applause.)

Q. In fact, you sound less adamant than you did at the start of the week.
LAURA DAVIES: I'm not ever going to be the captain. (Laughter).

Q. Would you like to put a bet on it, Laura?
LAURA DAVIES: Any money you'd like. I'll never be the captain.
BETHAN CUTLER: Thanks for joining us, ladies, and hope to see you in two years' time at Killeen Castle.

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