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August 23, 2009

Kevin Stadler


MARK STEVENS: Okay. I'd like to thank Kevin Stadler for coming in. Kevin, if you'd just start off, talk a little bit about the playoff and then we'll take a few questions.
KEVIN STADLER: What do you want me to say about it? Made -- I was just happy to par 18 the first time around. I'm having nightmares about that hole. Played it poorly last year and this year. But I had to get up and out of the bunker.
Ryan hit great shots through the playoff. To hit the 18th fairway twice is very good with his length. I hit a really good putt at 10, same putt this morning there and it broke left across the hole and I gave it a little bit more, might even hung out there on the right edge.
Then 18, again, I just hit two more poor shots. I didn't hit any good shots there all week.
MARK STEVENS: Also, you played your way into the FedExCup this week. If you want to talk a little bit about that and going into the Barclays next week, also.
KEVIN STADLER: It's great. That's basically what I had in mind coming here. Obviously those changed a little bit on the back-9. Still very positive week.
MARK STEVENS: Thank you. Questions.

Q. Kevin, first putt on 18, the 72nd hole. You look really frustrated.
KEVIN STADLER: I thought I hit a great putt. It looked like it was downhill. I putted the putt like I wanted to. Came up a full cup short. Wasn't even close.

Q. How far was that one?
KEVIN STADLER: About 8 feet. Left it two, three inches short. I'd hit the same putt if I had it over. When I hit it, I didn't think it was going anywhere but the middle but it ran out of steam.

Q. Talk about how you had nightmares about 18.
KEVIN STADLER: Just -- I shouldn't really say anything but, I don't know. I can't play that hole. I don't know. I should leave it at that. I can't.
I don't know how to hit the fairway on that hole. The rough is very, very penalizing and then --

Q. What is it that makes it so hard for you?
KEVIN STADLER: You got to hit your drive in about an 8-foot area to hit the fairway. I'm not going to go into it.
MARK STEVENS: Next question.

Q. You hear from your dad? I know with all the things you guys got going on these --
KEVIN STADLER: I haven't spoken to him all week. He sent me a couple texts. He's playing out West this week. Between the delays and getting up at 5:00 every morning, I really haven't done anything this week. I'm sure I'll talk to him tonight but I haven't talked to him yet.

Q. Obviously it would be nice to join the Geibergers as father and sons winners in Greensboro.
KEVIN STADLER: Yeah. I was thinking about that coming down to the end. It would have been pretty cool.
MARK STEVENS: Any other questions? Okay.

Q. Was there any debate about who is going to putt first on the 72nd hole?
KEVIN STADLER: No. He was inside of me. Nope.

Q. Kevin, is it a case, too, I know you're getting close, are you tired of the process? I know you guys talk about being there and then --
KEVIN STADLER: No, definitely not. I haven't been in this position very often. I have on different levels but not out here.
This is the first time I've really been in contention. I finished tied for 2nd a couple years in Reno. We got blown away by Flesch. He won that week by 6, 8 shots. It was fun. Didn't come out on top.

Q. Did you fell like you had to turn it on right on Thursday to make the FedExCup? That's when you were thinking at the beginning.
KEVIN STADLER: I knew I had to play well. I didn't know where I needed to finish. I kind of assumed the Top 20 but to be honest with you, I had no idea. I just want to play well here. If I got in, I got in. If not, so be it.

Q. Was there a point -- how much scoreboard watching?
KEVIN STADLER: I'm addicted to them. I look at everyone of them. I think they're cool (laughter). I like whatever. I like to watch them. I get bored out there so -- you know, I didn't really look at them -- they weren't there in the mid part of the first round -- the front-9 but come the back-9 I was looking at them and, you know, I hit a really good putt for birdie on 12, par-3, I just missed and then made a good par on 13.
At that time I was assuming I was still a couple back. Then we got to 14 green, I looked up and saw that things had changed drastically and I knocked in a long one there for birdie and game on from there.

Q. I can't recall if Sergio was two, three of ahead of you.
KEVIN STADLER: At one point he was 18, I was 15. I knew I was 3 back. I really didn't hit too many good shots. The one chance I had I missed just on the high side and I thought I was just kind of stuck in neutral. The next board I saw was only one back. It was nice to see that, that I still had a chance.
MARK STEVENS: Any final question? Okay. Thank you very much, Kevin.

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