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August 23, 2009

Todd Hamilton


Q. You seal the deal. Get to play one more week?
TODD HAMILTON: Very happy. I've done a lot of things well this year. I don't think I've gotten the rewards out of it.
It's nice to finally hit some good golf shots not two or three days but four straight days and knock some putts in on top of that. Very happy with what happened and I have to put the college football off one more week.

Q. Are you accomplishing your mission in getting into the playoffs? Does that give you a kick in the pants as far as confidence goes going into next week?
TODD HAMILTON: I think so, especially knowing that moneywise it's a big first purse and I am still not good for next year as far as my money ranking or my Top 125. Pointwise, I think I believe the points are triple value next week. I know they're more than what a normal event would be and that -- if I happen to have a good week next week could maybe catapult me into the following week in Boston.
As they say, you can't win unless you get in so luckily I'm in. Hopefully I can do something next week.

Q. The third year of the existence of the playoffs. It's been tweaked a lot. Has there been a sense of excitement by you now that the playoffs are here?
TODD HAMILTON: I was asked that question earlier in the week, it might even have been from you.
I think the guys that are close to winning the whole thing at the end of the year, I think there's a lots of excitement there, and I think the guys that are right on the borderline to get in the Top 125 this week, there's a lot of excitement there.
After next week, the Top 100 guys that are on the edge, there's a lot of excitement there. I think the guys that are on the cusp of winning and the guys that are on the cusp of advancing, I think that's where all your excitement is.
To me it's pretty neat. I'd like to be one of the guys that has a chance to win instead of one of guys that has a chance to advance. I think it's good for the fans. Hopefully they can get it the way they want it. Hopefully this is what want it and they don't have to change it anymore.

Q. So excitement can also be defined as pressure?
TODD HAMILTON: For the fans, yes. For the players, I guess the pressure would be a synonym for excitement, yes.

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