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August 22, 2009

Becky Brewerton

Janice Moodie

Gwladys Nocera


BETHAN CUTLER: I'd like to welcome Janice Moodie, Becky Brewerton and Gwladys Nocera.
So Janice, you defeated Paula Creamer and Juli Inkster 4&3 along with Sophie this afternoon. That was a very important first point this afternoon. How important do you feel it was for the European team.
JANICE MOODIE: Well, I think we were setting the pace. Obviously we were like 45 minutes ahead of everybody else, and it was just nice to get the blue numbers up on the board early on, and we just maintained it. Yeah, it was a fun match.
BETHAN CUTLER: Becky and Gwladys, you were successful 5&4 against Natalie Gulbis and Christina Kim this afternoon, and Gwladys, you also won with Maria Hjorth this morning, which means that you're undefeated in this competition so far. So what's the secret to your success?
GWLADYS NOCERA: I've got good partners, and it was just going well. We have to win points, and no matter how we're winning them, it's a matter of the European team that makes them, so I don't think that's an issue.
BETHAN CUTLER: Becky, how do you feel about the score line at the moment?
BECKY BREWERTON: We did well. We won today. We've got back that point that we were behind, and it's all looking good for tomorrow. We all feel confident. We're going to go out and concentrate on our matches and make sure we win our points and think we have to win our game if we want to win. I think that goes for everyone.
BETHAN CUTLER: Questions, please.

Q. Actually for any and all of you, can you just talk about being tied going into the final day and how you like that position?
JANICE MOODIE: I mean, I think we're in a good position. Obviously we came in here as the underdogs, and I think, you know, we're all playing well as a team. And as Beck said, I think we just gotta take every point for yourself and go out and win it.
BECKY BREWERTON: Yeah. I mean, we're all feeling pretty good. I think there's a really good feeling around the team room. Everyone is playing well, even in practice. I think Ali actually said to us one night that we've given her a big headache because everyone was hitting the ball so good. And if she could have played us all every day, I'm sure she would have, because everyone's hitting it really good. And we have got to go out with that mentality tomorrow and think we have to win our own individual matches if we're going to win, and everyone's got to go out with that attitude.
GWLADYS NOCERA: Yeah. Well, I tend to agree. I think, yeah, we are playing well. We are all really waiting to win that cup, and all we have to do is play our own game tomorrow and not worry about what's going on in the other groups and play our game and play our best and do it.

Q. Are you feeling tired at all after laps of this very long and strenuous course, and if you're not, what are you doing to stop yourself from feeling tired?
JANICE MOODIE: If you're talking to me, I've only played two foursomes matches so I'm actually feeling quite refreshed.
BECKY BREWERTON: Yeah, it is tiring. You're so pumped up during the day, and when you get to the evening, most nights you sort of hit a bit of a wall because the adrenaline is run out, but as soon as you get up the next day, when you're playing for what we are, there's no feeling tired. The only time we're going to feel tired is tomorrow night. Well, we probably won't feel tired if we win.
BETHAN CUTLER: Thank you for joining us. Play well tomorrow. Thank you.

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