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August 22, 2009

Justin Rose


Q. Talk a little bit about today and the length of the day as it has been with the rain and everything.
JUSTIN ROSE: I've been lucky until now. Got my rounds finished the first two days. For some of the guys it's been even a longer week.
That's part of the job. We get used to this quite often on Tour and obviously Mother Nature you can't control. Everyone has done a good job of trying to get everything in as a 72 hole tournament.

Q. You started to get hot on your second 9 making the turn. What's going right now today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, I'm just playing really well this week, striking the ball beautifully, giving myself lots of birdie putts, hitting a lot of greens in regulation. Really I feel like I haven't made a whole bunch of putts, yet, either to be 12-under par and feel like if my putter is warming up is a good feeling and see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Guys are saying there's a number out there to be had. Do you think that's the case and what it might be?
JUSTIN ROSE: Of course. I mean this golf course I think it's a fairly low scoring golf course and with it being target course, the guys always play well when that's the case. Greens so much softer.
There's a number. Obviously 63. I think even the course record is a threat if someone really gets going low but I believe the weather is going to be good tomorrow, all day tomorrow so that could happen.

Q. Your routine change any, got to get up at the crack of dawn and play all day?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's a quick turnaround, getting water and feed and stretching and sleep and doing all the things you got to do. It all takes time. But, like I said, you get used to it and an once you're up, provided you got 6, 7 hours sleep, it should be no problem.

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