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August 22, 2009

Diane Lang

Angela Stanford


MIKE SCANLAN: Brittany, Angela, thanks for coming in. Earned a half point this morning in four-ball matches. If you would, we'll start with Brittany. Just take us through the match, how you feel you guys played.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. I think we played great. You know, we were just talking about it. We halved a lot of holes with birdies. We hung in there. You know, we did a lot of good things. Angela made a lot of putts. She had a lot of good saves, a lot of good wins.
We played a really solid round, we just didn't finish it off. We were up with 2-up with 2 to go. We had chances to close them out and get the full point. But you know, we played really solid the whole day.
ANGELA STANFORD: I agree. Brittany was a great partner. The putt she made on 9 was huge, and obviously the putt on 13. So I thought she hit the ball great, and you know, you like walking and playing along with somebody that's playing well, so it was a lot of fun. I wish we could have gotten the full point because it felt like we did.
MIKE SCANLAN: Questions?

Q. This thing's tightened up after the morning. Just your thoughts on, you know, now it's a pretty good horse race.
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I know. We were shocked yesterday. I know there's been some good matches, but we were all pretty shocked yesterday when it was so close. I guess we thought we were playing really well, but a lot of the matches came down to the wire and didn't turn out good on our end.
But yeah, I mean they're good players. They have a lot of good players, and we're going to have to play well, but I mean it's exciting for me, my first Solheim for it to be close because a lot of pressure on it, so it's good for me.
ANGELA STANFORD: I think it's just a classic case of you have a team that thinks they're underdogs and a team that has been told they're favorites, and we haven't shut the door on them, so the longer you let a team hang around that thinks that they're underdogs, you know, they just gain confidence.
And so you know, I think with every point they gain, they gain some confidence, and I think that's why I'm so frustrated with our match this afternoon because at some point we gotta start closing the door on them.

Q. Not to obsess over how long the matches are taking, but is six hours a comfortable pace for you guys or is it the Europeans who tend to be slowing stuff down, and is that a factor out here?
ANGELA STANFORD: I feel like I'm walking fast. This golf course is just -- I mean it's long. The walks in between are long. Then you have four golf balls in the air in the morning, so I think it's just all the different elements in play.

Q. I'm just curious what both of you think of Beth Daniel's decision to not have anyone play five matches.
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I think it's a great decision. This golf course will wear you out. And I think, you know, I think that'll help us come tomorrow. I mean I know I was beat last night after two, so I can't imagine going back out there again.
I mean it's kind of nice to have a breather, so I think she knows what she's doing, and I think it's a great decision. It'll be good -- I mean we'll be able to tell tomorrow. You know, I think all 12 of us will be a lot fresher than them, I think.

Q. Brittany?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, sure. I definitely agree with Angela. When they told us about that, I thought it was a great idea. Yeah, just so people can get rest. It is a long week. You don't get a lot of rest or a lot of sleep. So I do think it's good. Our girls will be fresh tomorrow. I agree with her.
MIKE SCANLAN: Anything else?

Q. Angela, you said that you have been told you're the favorites. Do you both feel like you're the favorites? Do you feel like you have the stronger team?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I mean personally, I feel like we have a stronger team, yes, but at the same time, I mean they have two major winners. They love match play. They love the idea of team.
So I didn't think that we were favorites in that, you know, they were never going to have a chance. And that's the way I felt like the media played it, and when I say media, I haven't read the paper, anything. I mean TV. Things I've seen on TV, it made it sound like we were just going to show up and win the Cup just by showing up. So I think that's frustrating, because you know, they're good. I mean obviously. It's tied. But yeah, I think we have the stronger team. Still gotta play, though.
BRITTANY LANG: Well, yeah. With match play, anything can happen, but I don't know where they got that from. Suzann Pettersen, Helen Alfredsson, they have so many good players. Becky Brewerton. Their team is stacked as good as our team is, so I have no idea where they got that from.

Q. Brittany, frustrating not to get the full point, but half a point is better than no point, so what sort of birthday has this been for you today?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. People keep telling me half point is better than a full point. I'm starting to believe it.
But yeah, it was fun with Angela. It was a great birthday. They sang to me almost every hole. But it was fun with Angela alongside.
Yeah, I would have obviously wanted the full point, but I'm just trying to be positive and have good thoughts on getting the half point and not losing any.
MIKE SCANLAN: All right. Thanks for coming in. Enjoy your afternoon.

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