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August 21, 2009

Becky Brewerton

Maria Hjorth

Gwladys Nocera

Anna Nordqvist


BETHAN CUTLER: Perhaps we'll start with Anna. This is your first Solheim Cup and your first Solheim Cup match. How exciting was it to be out there today?
ANNA NORDQVIST: It was a lot of fun. I've been looking forward to doing this for a very long time, just having a good time with Mimi, and I felt very comfortable on the course today.
BETHAN CUTLER: And how about that chip-in?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, my chip-in on 13, that was great. We were close on a couple before, so obviously that gave us some momentum.
BETHAN CUTLER: And Maria, how did you feel the match went? What were the highlights?
MARIA HJORTH: In the foursomes? It was really good. It was a good match. I thought we played really solid. We hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens. Just didn't really make some putts when I finally got to putt.
This course sets up, if you tee off on the first tee, I putted on 1 and then all of a sudden I putt on 9. It's difficult to putt when you don't get a feel for the putts so much.
I thought we just played solid and then waited for our chances. It was nice that Anna made that chip-in on 13 to kind of get a few steps ahead.
BETHAN CUTLER: Becky and Gwladys, how important was your victory overall to the European team?
BECKY BREWERTON: Every victory is important. Obviously you need to get to that magic mark with the points. We played very well, paired up very well, and it couldn't have gone any better really.
BETHAN CUTLER: Gwladys, how do you feel about the way the afternoon went?
GWLADYS NOCERA: I guess it went well. For myself I think I could have played better on the beginning. I had some struggles with the distances, but you know, we are here. We won a point, so that's what matters.

Q. Maria, how difficult was it to go out so soon after that long fourball? You were out there for quite some time on the course. How did that feel to start over again?
MARIA HJORTH: Yeah, it's sometimes difficult because you're so into the match you're playing, and you have half an hour break, and all of a sudden you have to make sure you really are focused again on the first tee so you don't drag up on the first tee and kind of a little bit out of it. But I thought it was good.
I teed off first. It was good for me because I could really get in and focus again.
It's hard, such long days, so you don't really have time to sit down, relax and have a peaceful lunch. You kind of just grab something real quick and then you're off going again. It's just really important to stay focused on every shot and not because you have a little break get a little sloppy and hit some bad shots.

Q. Why did the fourball matches take so long?
BECKY BREWERTON: It's difficult because, I mean, the course is playing long and was also quite a lot of long walks between greens and tees on a fair few holes actually. It just takes a long time, and it's obviously straight out, straight back in. You feel like when you get to 10 and 11, you're really out in the sticks, and it takes a long time to get in from there as well.
My match finished obviously well early, and it still took forever to get in from the course. So just the combination of the big distances you have to walk between holes and maybe how difficult the course is as well.
MARIA HJORTH: Also, we had three matches that went on until the 18th hole, so that really drags out, as well. And because it's such tight matches, and everybody seems to be holing out. It doesn't seem to be just one or two players keeps on playing because if someone picks up, it's just going to be quicker, but it seems like everyone is playing very well and very solid, so everybody seems to be having to hole out.

Q. Maria, can you speak to Catriona's putt? At the end of the day, the difference between trailing by one point and two points, psychologically, how big a difference is that?
MARIA HJORTH: It was huge for us to get that half, I think. Like you say, it is a big difference getting a half point or not.
It was just really nice to -- I know 18, and Michelle can get up easy on 18 as well as I can. We knew if she got a good drive away, and we really knew we had to make a birdie on the last to be able to get that half point. So Catriona's putt there on the last was really, really important. I think it gave us great momentum for the afternoon foursomes.

Q. How have you found the crowds? Have they been noisier than you expected or just about what you expected, Gwladys?
GWLADYS NOCERA: I don't know, I'm not paying too much attention to the crowd. I just enjoy playing the Solheim and having some noise. I can see there was quite a lot of Europeans cheering for us, and that's what I listened the most. Yeah, I mean, it's noisy, but we knew we had to expect that, so it's no big deal.
MARIA HJORTH: I think to start with of the day it was fairly quiet because apparently there was some traffic stopping out there and people couldn't really get into the course, and I was surprised it was as quiet as it was. But then we get to 11, 12, 13, and all of a sudden everybody has got themselves out there, and it started to get really noisy. We tried to do what we could to make putts to keep it as quiet as we can.
BETHAN CUTLER: Thanks for joining us. Good luck tomorrow.

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