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August 21, 2009

Justin Thomas


Q. Justin, we'll talk about today. You come out, you had to start and finish 9 holes and then you get to continue on and do another 18. What's that like and how grueling of a day is it?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean the holes wasn't really that big of an issue for me. I mean I started out good, I think I guess a little fatigued maybe came in later but it was just a struggle the last 9 but, you know, I'm here for the weekend so --

Q. Talk about that the idea of making the weekend and making a cut on the PGA TOUR. Not many people can say that.
JUSTIN THOMAS: That part is cool, yeah. Fortunately a good first round I was up near the lead and I was thinking of winning.
Got there for a reason. And it's a little disappointing finishing the way I did today on the back-9 but it's just cool, playing the weekend.

Q. Did you at any point or did you watch at any point when you're at 6, 7, two shots off? Are you seeing where you're at at the tournament?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I seen how far back I am and how far -- how many you need to get to the lead.

Q. As far as the back-9, you stumbled a little bit, had a couple bogies in there. You said it might have been fatigue setting in?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean I don't really think it was. I mean I was hitting good shots which it seemed like I would hit a good shot and it go over and then just an impossible shot. I couldn't make bogey. I made one putt. It's golf. You have to deal with it.

Q. You talk to David Toms here?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No. I don't know. The rain has really screwed everything up for that. With him teeing off different and I'll never see him, probably, you know, for a long enough time to talk, just walking by each other on the putting green or something.

Q. You're standing on the 9th green, your name is on the leaderboard. Did you look over and see it?

Q. Friday, it's the second round.

Q. Pretty cool.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. I mean I got there with good playing and solid play. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the way I wanted to and get near the lead and have a chance but I'm not sure. It was cool seeing my name. But, then again, I was kind of like disappointed knowing I was that close and had that bad back-9.

Q. You're the third youngest guy on the PGA TOUR to make the cut. Do you know the other two?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I have no idea.

Q. What was it like in the weather, it bothered some people. Did you feel like it drained you a little bit?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No. Just hot. Kentucky, it's about as humid as you can get. It's about similar weather, so that didn't really bother me.

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