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August 21, 2009

Paula Creamer


Q. How did it feel?
PAULA CREAMER: It was a good match. Cristie played awesome out there. That front nine, she really helped me out.
I made a couple of good holes, but overall, Cristie played awesome. And they played great, too. This golf course is so long. I think it's a huge advantage for length out here, and I just try to always be in and around the hole for par.

Q. Talk about that long putt. I forget the hole.

Q. On 16. Kind of a little momentum change out there.
PAULA CREAMER: That was huge. We kept bringing it back to all square, but then they'd win the next one, and it was a big, big putt for us to actually first time we were going up in the match. And from there on, on 17 Cristie made a great birdie and then a birdie on 18.
It was a 45-footer, a huge break. Cristie was about two feet behind me, so I got a good read.

Q. This afternoon, obviously going out with Juli, you're familiar with her game. Just talk about what you're looking forward to today.
PAULA CREAMER: No. I'm really excited to go out with Juli. We're a great team together, especially on alternate shot. It's going to be a good match playing with Catriona and Janice, but at the same time I think if we get up early in the match, it's going to be -- we'll see what happens.

Q. Cool. Appreciate it.

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