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August 21, 2009

Chris Riley


MARK STEVENS: I'd like to welcome Chris Riley to the Interview Room. Chris currently stands atop the leaderboard only halfway through the second round.
Chris, if you'd start off and talk a little bit about your 63 today and we'll take some questions.
CHRIS RILEY: I came out early this morning to finish up three holes. I was 5-under through 15 and then I bogeyed my 16th hole, parred the last two to shoot 4-under.
Today I was going out there, me and my caddy said let's have a solid round, not have any mistakes. Fortunately, I did. I didn't make any bogies and I made 7 birdies. It was a really good round.
I'm playing this golf course a little bit different than maybe some other guys. I'm hitting a lot of hybrids and 3-woods off the tee because the rough is pretty thick so I'm just trying to keep the ball in the fairway. I don't mind hitting a 2 iron, 7 iron or 3-wood, 6 iron compared to guys hitting driver and missing fairways.
So, I'm pretty happy with my round and actually I'm delighted with my round. 63. I don't think I've shot that too much but it's been going well the last month so hopefully I'll have a good weekend.
MARK STEVENS: Questions.

Q. You haven't hit driver at all?
CHRIS RILEY: I hit driver where -- I step up on to the tee and see what feels the best -- I hit driver, today I hit it probably four times and hit 3-wood probably five times and hit hybrid probably four times.
I'm putting really well and these greens are Donald Ross so you got to be putting pretty well and they're in good shape. It's a good golf course.

Q. Which holes did you hit driver on?
CHRIS RILEY: I hit driver on -- let me see. Maybe I didn't hit it on the front. I hit it -- hit it on -- I'm trying to think. 13, 14 and 18. So probably hit it three times. Sounds about right. Four times. Yeah.
It's a pretty cool golf course because you can really take it however you want. If you want to challenge it and have wedges in your hand, you hit drivers. If you don't, then you hit whatever.

Q. The guys who you were playing with, how often did they hit drivers?
CHRIS RILEY: They were hitting it quite a bit. They were giving me some looks, "What are you doing?" "I'm putting it in play." They gave me a couple different looks and -- yeah, couple times like, "You didn't hit a driver there." I feel more comfortable hitting a 3-wood.

Q. No peer pressure?
CHRIS RILEY: No. I don't care what they think.

Q. With the way the course is set-up and the weekend, is it just birdie, birdie, birdie, you can't --
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, there's going to be a lot of birdies out there. I wouldn't be surprised if there's someone that beats 11-under, maybe get to 12. 13 would be stretching it but I think the winning score, if it stays like this and it rains, it will be 20-something under. I don't know what it was last year.

Q. 21.
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, they'll get to that. The only thing that really helps it is the rough.

Q. Is there a temptation to pull out driver?
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I want to but I know -- I'm not strong enough to really hit out of this kind of rough and I'm not really -- I don't know. I like to play out of the short grass.

Q. Is it hard to keep that philosophy over the weekend, too?
CHRIS RILEY: I don't know. It might be with -- there's going to be more people following and I'll be one the last groups. I'm going to try to stick to my game plan and do what I do.
MARK STEVENS: Chris, could you go through your scorecard?
CHRIS RILEY: I birdied -- it's going to be hard. I birdied 2. I hit a wedge in there, 3-wood, wedge, about three feet.
I birdied 3. I hit a 6 iron to about 20 feet.
I birdied 5, the par 5. Two-putted from about 60 feet for birdie, two-putt birdie. I hit 3-wood hybrid on that green.
So I turned at 3-under, then I birdied --
Q. 13?
CHRIS RILEY: Did I birdie 13? Yeah. I hit a 3-wood, 7 iron in there about 12 feet, made that.
I birdied 15. I hit driver there, then hit a hybrid and chipped it on the green about eight feet, made that.
Then I birdied 17. I hit hybrid off there and 6 iron into the 17th hole where guys will be hitting 9 irons and wedges. Hit about it four feet, made that.
Then on 18 I hit a drive in the right rough and tried to grunch (sic) it out and tried to make par and chipped it in.

Q. How far was the chip-in?
CHRIS RILEY: Straight uphill, probably about 30 feet.

Q. What do you think of a 16 year old --
CHRIS RILEY: It's pretty awesome. I was talking with my caddy about that and he's kind of a little a stringy kid and he was hitting flop shots and my caddy was joking, "That was you when you were 16."
That's it was funny to see -- I mean -- that was one of the things, at 16 depending on your kid's personality, I don't know if I would put my kid into -- into a tournament like that.
That would be up to the father. I know when I was 16, I think the biggest tournament I ever played in was the U.S. Junior Amateur. Playing the PGA, Tiger did it at 16. He must be a mature kid. I don't know him at all.

Q. He doesn't have his license yet.
CHRIS RILEY: Isn't that crazy? I mean it's totally up to the parents and what the kid wants to do. What's his name?

Q. Justin Thomas.
CHRIS RILEY: Yeah. It's great to see.
MARK STEVENS: He's from Kentucky.

Q. He won the Foot Joy Junior here. That's how he got in.
CHRIS RILEY: That's great.
MARK STEVENS: Any last questions? All right. Thanks Chris. Good luck this weekend.

End of FastScripts

an and hopefully, you know, do a good job.

Q. Were you disappointed you didn't make the team?
JEEV M. SINGH: Yeah, a little disappointed. My injury set me back. I played three times in three months and came back then and I was a little rusty but, hey, that's part of life, you know, that's what a golfer goes through. I think every golfer has gone through it. I'm playing again so I'm happy.

Q. Have you had any conversations with Greg lately?
JEEV M. SINGH: No. I just told him at the British Open that I was going to pull out.

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