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August 20, 2009

Tim Petrovic


Q. 66. You've been on a good run last couple of months. This probably isn't a surprise to you.
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah. Before last week's experience, been playing pretty good. I've been working hard and trying to focus on a few key things in the swing and got a good exercise routine going and I think that's helping me late in the season keep my legs going a little bit.

Q. Give the swing thought. What's the one thought you're keeping in your head that's working?
TIM PETROVIC: Just think about the golf ball. Try that. No swing thoughts. The club is moving so fast there's no way you're going to try to control it. Sometimes when I feel like it's going wrong, I'll think of the golf ball and go ahead and hit.

Q. I like that a whole lot better than asking about an exercise routine. That sounds like it involves work.
TIM PETROVIC: There's a little work. You got to put in a little work to get something out of it. Think of the golf ball, that's one thing. I don't have about 40 minutes but we can get to that later.

Q. You got your ranking up into the low 80s. This is a good week though to get it a little higher. That gets you another event. Are you thinking ahead a little bit to all that?
TIM PETROVIC: Little bit. I mean considering the way it started this year, I'm pretty happy where I am. Made a little move here. I seem to be going in spurts, three, four weeks in a row good, took a week off, freshen up a little but that seems to be a good formula for me this year.

Q. There are about three, four more weeks left.
TIM PETROVIC: I think I've got three more in me, maybe hopefully four, but we'll see what happens.

Q. Keep up the good work.

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