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August 20, 2009

John Daly


Q. Good start.
JOHN DALY: Yeah. It was a long day but I hit the ball pretty good and my back held up. The rain delay actually helped. I went and saw physio, got it stretched out again through the last three holes.

Q. What does this kind of do for you confidencewise? Does it really help you?
JOHN DALY: Yeah. I'm off three, four weeks after this. It's nice to get a decent round in. I came out Tuesday and had them work on my back and I went to putt and it's the first time in about a year and a half that I -- the ground was flat so my eye surgery is taking off, too. Probably got to miss a few putts right but at least I know I'm lining them up better now and I can see my line a lot better.
I don't know what the guy called it, laser or what. He didn't pull the eyelid off or whatever he did. He cut it to get the astigmatism from a 168 to an 0.5. He said it would take about two weeks. It's taken about two and a half.

Q. With that surgery, John, and also with your back acting up, you probably had no idea what to expect, did you?
JOHN DALY: Not really. We found out the problem with the back, it was like two, three, really bad spasms in there and he's been lifting up my shoulder, whatever you call the shoulder blade and stretching it, it's been hurting like hell but it's the only way we can get it to where -- without it freezing up and I've seen him five times already. Got to keep stretching it. Maybe the time off will do me some home.

Q. You'll see how it does. After you see what you saw today, do you think maybe you've got a game plan now?
JOHN DALY: You always have a game plan. It's really hard to play hurt anywhere with the back, knee, a foot, even your finger in this game and it's been a struggle.
The last few weeks have been -- ever since Paris, it's been brutal but, you know, at least we found out the problem and we know how to stretch it. He knows how to get it to where I can at least play.

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