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August 19, 2009

Catriona Matthew

Janice Moodie


BETHAN CUTLER: Welcome, Catriona Matthew and Janice Moodie from Scotland. Janice, you're making your third Solheim Cup appearance and you had a hole-in-one at 16 today, which was very exciting.
JANICE MOODIE: I did. I didn't even see it go in.
BETHAN CUTLER: Congratulations. And Catriona is making her fifth Solheim Cup appearance and obviously won the Ricoh British Open a few weeks ago. Thank you for coming in today. Janice, do you want to start off with saying how the week's panning out for you so far.
JANICE MOODIE: It's just been great. It's great to be back on the team so far.
I think the last time was 2003, and you know, time flies so fast when you're out here and you really don't know what you're doing, and then all of a sudden 2009 comes around. And so just bringing back a lot of great memories, and the team spirit, and it's just been a lot of fun.
BETHAN CUTLER: Great. And Catriona, you must have been very busy over the last couple of weeks. How are you feeling? Are you fatigued or are you ready to go.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: No. I'm ready for it. Just played nine today, so rest a little bit this afternoon, but yeah, really feel ready for it. It's kind of a relaxing week away from the two children. So I've got more time.
BETHAN CUTLER: We'll take some questions, please.

Q. Catriona, first congratulations on your victory and the young one. How manic was it the week after the British Open, and were you pleased to get back out here and get down to golf again?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah. Probably the first three days were nonstop. Never had a moment for myself. So I sat down for three days. Last week went back to normal, so I got some practice in, and nice to be back out and playing again.
BETHAN CUTLER: Alison, I think, said you had some people camped outside your house. Was that true or was she just exaggerating?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: No. For a couple of days the doorbell was kind of constant and the fun was going nonstop, so it was nice to calm down.

Q. How many interviews do you reckon you did in that week, and did you find anywhere to hide at any point?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I don't know how many I did, actually. But I'd say probably after about Friday it kind of really calmed down, but before then it was just kind of one after the other. It was nice, nice to have that problem.

Q. Excuse the question coming from a man who knows nothing about these sorts of things, but what is it so soon after the birth of a child that gives you almost superhuman powers? You played very well, didn't you, at the Kraft Nabisco after the birth of Katie. And then so soon after this you've done it again?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I don't know. Maybe the break does me good. I think when you're out here year in and year out, it's tough to sometimes get away from golf. You're kind of forced to take about six months off and you come back refreshed and ready to go. You're back hitting again and happy to be back out there.

Q. How do you get yourself back into shape so quickly?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Well, this time, I think running after Katie. When I had my first child, I kind of got back into the gym quite quickly, but this time really struggled to find any time to do that. So I think just generally, you know, just running after Katie the whole time and got back into playing.
I keep meaning to get to the gym but haven't quite found the time yet. In the winter, now that they're sleeping I'll do it.

Q. Janice, you have a great record at Solheim Cup. Is it match play? Is it the competition of this particular format? What is it that this brings out the best in you?
JANICE MOODIE: It's kind of funny you say that. My coach has been out here this week, and we were talking about why I haven't really performed as well as I really think I should be, and I think it's because I'm probably more of a match player as well. If my group's doing well, I'll do well. If my group's not doing that well, and unfortunately I've been of those tee times this year, then I tend to get down a little bit with it, too, which is kind of weird but I think how sometimes how threesomes work.
I don't know. I love match play. We don't get any of it anymore, just these events. And Catriona and I played together in South Africa, as well, and it was more of stroke play but still more or less match play because there was so few teams.
I don't know, it's just a different game, and you know, you've got to concentrate on every hole. It's fun.

Q. You guys have been big partners together. Might we see more of that?
JANICE MOODIE: I don't know. That's for Alison to let you know.

Q. Janice, when you look at the team, two things. One, do you think this is a team that really does have a good chance; and two, do you see natural pairings within the 12 players?
JANICE MOODIE: Yeah, I think there's natural pairs within the 12, and I think obviously everybody's writing us off as the underdogs. Thanks, Ron. (Laughs.) And you know what, I think we're just going out there, and Suzann said it very well yesterday, we're just going to play one hole at a time and see how it goes. We're not going to get ahead of ourselves or beat ourselves up. We're just going to go out there and play golf.

Q. For both of you, can you talk a little about where you are respectively. You're both moms now and you're both veteran players, and now you're in a position of leadership on this team, sort of how you view this year's role on the Solheim Cup team.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Obviously I've been lucky enough to play. This is my fifth one now, so yeah, I think obviously you're trying to help the rookies. I think you just need to think back to what your first one was like, and kind of what feelings you had and the experience you had, so yeah, I think just try and help them in that way just from what you've kind of experienced before.
JANICE MOODIE: Yeah, I mean, there's a couple of the girls from the European Tour that obviously we'll get to know them now because I've played so much European Tour golf, as well, and they've also come over to the States, and there's just a couple of girls that I've made the effort to try and get to know a bit better because we don't really know each other well enough.

Q. With Asian golf being so strong, there have been questions about future formats of the Solheim Cup raised in the media. This got a fairly frisky response from Alison Nicholas and Laura Davies, and I wondered what your thoughts, both of you, was on it.
CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah. I think the Solheim Cup is really just a tournament between Europe and America. That's the way it was started, and I think that's the way it should stay.
JANICE MOODIE: I agree. I think if you want to have another tournament and do those formats, then fine, but I don't think it's a Solheim Cup.

Q. What kind of characters are your rookies? Are they quiet or outgoing? You know, do they bring a lot to the team room?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I think obviously it's difficult playing in your first one. I think you probably are a bit quieter playing in your first one. Obviously it's tough to get a word in when Helen's around, but yeah, I mean, I think they're very confident in their games, and they're really nice people, so I mean, yeah, we're all getting on really well.
JANICE MOODIE: I think we have a mature team. I mean, this is my third. I think everybody's older. Our rookies, I think we have one real young girl on the team and that's about it. Tania's the youngest, so I mean, I think we really only have one real young girl, you know, so a lot of experience.

Q. Catriona, did it give you a real boost of confidence to win the Women's British right before this event? Can you talk a little bit about is that a shot in the arm you needed or were you already there?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: No. I think obviously when you come back and you haven't played tournament golf for five or six months, you never know how you're going to come back and play. So to come back and obviously win was obviously well above my expectations, but yeah, it's definitely given me a lot of confidence.
I mean, it's just naturally you're a bit weary of how you might come back and play, so yeah, I was just delighted to come back and kind of coming back better than I left.

Q. Was it surprising for you that it took you that long to win a major championship?
CATRIONA MATTHEW: I mean I don't know if it's -- I mean, obviously I always hoped I was going to win a major, but you just never know whether you're ever going to win one. So I wouldn't say I was surprised it took me that long. I'm just very pleased to have won one, and hopefully I can go in and do some more now.
BETHAN CUTLER: Okay. That'll wrap it up. Thanks for joining us today. Good luck, girls. Thanks.

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