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August 18, 2009

Kateryna Bondarenko


1-6, 7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. This being your fourth match in four days, how do you feel about your performance today against Venus?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: I was playing really good, but the first set I didn't know what to do with her power. The rest of the game, I just tried to keep the ball in play and to hit as more shots as possible.

Q. How do you feel about playing doubles tomorrow with your sister?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: I feel great playing with my sister always. I just hope that we will not fight on the court. (laughter.)

Q. Where does this in terms of your career? Where does this rank in terms of wins? How big a win is this for you?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: It's just another match, but it's big because it was against Venus, and I played already her third time and I lost twice before.
So it's pretty good, and I feel that I can -- I can win with anybody if I can win with Venus.

Q. When you're down and you lose the first set, you know, 6-1 and then you're obviously down a set, what's your motivation to play -- when you're playing somebody like Venus who is such a strong player and you're down one set, obviously you rebounded well, but is it difficult to come back when you're down a set like that to somebody who's your opponent who's that good?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: Of course it's always difficult. Doesn't matter who is your opponent, but I just started to focus more and my serve was better than first set and my returns were really good.

Q. You've not only had to deal with playing so many matches consecutively day after day, but you've also had to do it in heat. It's been very hot and muggy and sweaty here. Do you feel like you have an advantage that you've had to play in it before and so now that you're probably used to it, do you think maybe the players who haven't played as much maybe aren't at as big an advantage as you are?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: I don't think so. It just makes me tired day after day more and more.

Q. So is there a concern on your part of being able to conserve your energy at all? How do you focus on being able to save your energy when it's so hot every day?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: In Cincinnati it was worse, so it's actually better here.

Q. Do you think your defense surprised her today?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: Yeah, maybe. It just -- first two times when I played against her I couldn't do much about it, so today was much better.

Q. What was different today?
KATERYNA BONDARENKO: I returned her serve, and I tried to keep the ball in play.

Q. What impact do you think your win against Venus today is going to have going forward in your career?

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